How to enrich your everyday with mindful movement: 4 simple ways

When each day seems to blend into the next, it can be easy to feel like you’re in a bit of a rut, especially in your work life. Introducing some mindful movement to your routine can bring a sense of meaning and change your outlook.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the mental process of bringing your attention to experiences that are happening in the present. It involves focusing internally and being aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment without interpretation or judgement.

Mindfulness benefits 

Among its many wellness benefits, mindfulness practices can help relieve depression symptoms and prevent them from coming back, decrease stress and anxiety, boost your memory and enhance your relationships.

Here are four ways to introduce mindful movement into your routine:


1. Take a new walking or wheeling route

Seek out stimulation by visiting a new neighbourhood, park or landmark. According to experts, the combination of novelty and physical activity can help you feel more focused when your routine is feeling too repetitive.

A stroll or wheel is an excellent opportunity for midday mindful movement. As you move through your environment, tune into your surroundings, and take in the sights, smells and sounds. Try not to focus on the distance you travel; go as far as what feels right for you that day.

2. Try lunchbreak yoga

A smiling woman doing push-ups in front of a laptop. Use your break from work for a virtual yoga session to support mindfulness and well-being. There are endless affordable and even free online options, including videos on ParticipACTION’s exercise videos page, to suit your schedule, varying from just a few minutes to a full flow class.

Without getting too caught up on your form, savour the opportunity to reconnect with your body and tune into your breath through movement. After the session, you may return to work feeling calm and even notice that interactions with your colleagues are more pleasant.

A man stretching his arms while sitting in front of a computer.3. Do some seated stretches

If you can’t dedicate time to regular yoga practice, try some yoga-inspired movements from your workspace – seated twists from the waist, arms-over-head stretches, forward folds, wrist and ankle rolls and neck stretches. Focus on how the various movements relieve physical tension and take slow, mindful breaths to help relieve stress.

4. Break a sweat while being mindful

A smiling woman jogging on a street. Make a heart-pumping jog, bike ride or brisk walk mindful by tuning into how your body is responding to your movement. Avoid outside distractions, judging your performance and the speed or intensity of your activity. Instead, appreciate the sensation of your muscles moving, heart beating and lungs expanding.

Adding mindful movement to your day can help you refresh your routine and improve your overall sense of balance. Making an effort to be present, compassionate and in-tune with your body and surroundings while you’re physically active can help you form a deeper connection between your mind and body.