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Exercise Videos

Looking for more ways to move?

Check out our custom workout videos, designed to help get you moving no matter where you’re at on your physical activity journey. Whether you are at home, at work or on the go, these videos are the perfect way to sneak some activity into your day.

Health Disclaimer: Any fitness activity can pose some potential risks to health. To reduce and avoid injury, a doctor should be consulted before beginning any exercise program. Be sure that the area within which you will exercise is appropriate for physical exertion. When you utilize this video, you are performing exercises at your own risk. Video talent will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of your participation. If you experience any nausea, shortness of breath, feeling of lightheadedness, irregular heartbeat, or other health concerns, cease exercise immediately and seek assistance from a doctor.

Get moving in 20 minutes or less!

ParticipACTION has partnered with the YMCA on a new series of fun, motivating and expert-led exercise videos to help people living in Canada to get moving! At 20 minutes or less, these workouts can fit into your busy day. Modifications and a variety of movement options mean you can join in, no matter your age or ability.

Check out the playlist here and download the free ParticipACTION app to get started!

  • Yoga

  • Cardio Boxing-inspired Workout

  • High intensity interval workout

  • Peripheral Heart Action Workout

  • Functional Fitness

  • Boxing-inspired Workout

  • Better Balance Workout

  • Dance-inspired Workout

YMCA Playlist

Better Balance Workout – Length: 22:12 mins

Strengthen your joints while you lengthen your muscles. This impact-free workout challenges your balance and enhances your posture through exercises that you can perform while seated, with wall support or freestanding.

Dance-inspired Workout – Length: 18:41 mins

Groove to the music, even from the comfort of your chair! Rhythmic movements and choreographed dance moves make for a fun and dynamic workout.

Boxing-inspired Workout – Length: 16:00 mins

Experience the benefits of a higher-intensity workout, no matter your age or ability, with this heart-pumping, interval boxing-style workout that you can do standing or seated.

Functional Training – Length: 21:50 mins

This impact-free workout is designed to improve your joints’ range of motion. Safely move and contract your muscles while increasing your muscular strength and endurance. This standing or seated workout will also help you restore and rejuvenate.

Peripheral Heart Action Workout – Length: 22:18 mins

Performed seated or standing, this interval-style workout switches between upper and lower body exercises. Switching between lower body exercises and upper body exercises help you recover and can enhance your circulation.

HIIT Workout – Length: 21:04 mins

A heart-pumping, interval-style workout that you can do using resistance or your own body weight, this higher-intensity exercise routine is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Cardio Boxing-inspired Workout – Length: 20:13 mins

This high-energy, action-packed, boxing-inspired workout makes cardio enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Yoga – Length: 25:03 mins

This series of slow, deep stretches promotes nimble joints while creating a deeper connection to your breath so that you can relax and unwind

Exercises for your heart & mind

Did you know that people of all ages and abilities who include short, daily bursts of higher intensity physical activity in their lives report increased cardiovascular and muscle strength, clearer thinking and a better quality of life?

We’ve partnered with the YMCA to create five new moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise videos suitable for anyone, regardless of ability. Join the YMCA team as they lead you through safe, effective and fun exercises designed to benefit the health of your heart, mind and more!

Check out three of the videos in the playlist here and download the free ParticipACTION app to see the rest!

  • High-Intensity Strength Workout

  • Variable Intensity Interval Training Workout

  • Moderate-Intensity Cardio Workout

YMCA Playlist

High-Intensity Strength Workout – Length: 26:39 mins

Want to get your heart rate up while challenging your muscular strength and endurance? Then this workout is ideal for you! Join the YMCA team as they guide you through fast-paced exercises that you can perform seated or standing and with or without weights. They’ll challenge your technique while increasing your cardiovascular strength.

Variable Intensity Interval Training Workout – Length: 19:37 mins

Follow along with the YMCA team as they lead you through a series of varying-intensity body weight exercises. You can do them seated or standing, using your upper and/or lower body to help strengthen your heart and lungs, leading to a better day!

Moderate-Intensity Cardio Workout – Length: 23:36 mins

When performed at moderate intensity, cardio-focused workouts can benefit your heart, lungs, muscles and mood! Join the YMCA team as they demonstrate cardio-focused, body weight exercises that can be done seated or standing. They’ll be sure to give your body and mind the pick-me-up it deserves!

The perfect start to a fitness journey

Are you thinking of starting a new fitness routine or getting back into one after an injury or a long period of being inactive? Does the thought of doing uncomfortable workouts that leave you sweaty and sore hold you back from wanting to get active? Believe it or not, exercise doesn’t have to be that way to be beneficial!

In partnership with the YMCA, we’ve created three new low-intensity exercise videos suitable for anyone, no matter where you are in your physical activity journey. Join the YMCA team as they lead you through safe and effective (not to mention fun!) exercises with modifications for all abilities to help improve your strength, mobility and mood.

  • Gentle Strength Workout

  • Low Intensity Strength

    Low Intensity Strength

  • Low Intensity Stretch

YMCA Playlist

Low Intensity Strength – Length: 24:21 mins

This strength training workout is gentle on your joints and effectively challenges your strength and endurance. Whether you’re getting back into a fitness routine, returning to exercise after injury or just starting out, choose the best variation demonstrated and get started today!

Low Intensity Stretch – Length: 18:07 mins

This workout benefits both mental and physical health. Completing a stretch workout first thing in the morning, following a bout of physical activity or after being sedentary can help increase blood flow to soft tissues, leaving you feeling invigorated yet relaxed!

Gentle Strength Workout – Length: 25:26 mins

This no-impact workout is designed to improve the range of motion around your joints. All the exercises in this video will have you safely moving, contracting and relaxing your muscles through a complete range of motion to increase fluid movement, strength and endurance. Whether performed seated or standing, this workout can help you restore, rejuvenate and grow so that you can live a better day!

Rejuvenating Yoga

This video incorporates gentle muscle-building and bone-strengthening activities with a focus on major muscle groups like legs, core, and back, to safely build strength and prevent falls. A seated and standing yoga practice with chair support, this video is ideal for those with limited mobility, or for those just starting out.

Creativity Through Dance

Dance with Nancy as she leads you through movements to make a delicious pizza. This activity will warm up your body and imagination. Invite friends and family to get creative and dance along.

To check out more Little Yogis and Canada’s National Ballet School videos, download the free ParticipACTION app.

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Fit Break Exercise Videos

There are many benefits to sneaking active breaks into your day. Even a ten-minute burst of heart pumping movement can help reduce stress, increase focus, and just make you boost your mood. These workouts can be done from the comfort of your home, and you can even get the whole family involved!

  • Cardio Core

  • Hip Hop Dance Party

  • Mash Up

  • Mash Up 2

  • Yoga Inspired Stretch

  • Fit_Break_Cardio_Blast

For more workout videos and motivational content, download the free ParticipACTION app.

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Fit Break Playlist

Body Weight Interval – Length: 14:39 mins

This high-energy, body weight interval training session includes five different body weighted exercises, performed twice for 40 seconds each. Designed to get your heart pumping as you strengthen your muscles, it includes variations for intensity and ability.

Cardio Core – Length: 15:23 mins

Looking to increase balance and strength while getting some heart-pumping activity in? This is a fun cardio core combo of standing cardio and strength-focused core exercises, with variations to increase or decrease intensity as you go.

Hip Hop – Length: 14:44 mins

Take a trip-down-memory-lane with this late 90s and early 2000s inspired Fit Break. Features a series of easy-to-follow, dance-inspired cardio moves, designed to get your body moving and your heart pumping!

Mash Up – Length: 14:43 mins

This Mash Up of easy-to-execute low-impact exercises (with plyometric variations for MORE) partnered with complementary pulsed alignment-focused exercises to improve posture, alignment, and movement quality.

Mash Up 2 – Length: 12:46 mins

This Fit Break mashes together 30-second intervals of body weighted exercises to challenge your heart, lungs, and muscles, guaranteed to keeping you engaged and entertained!

Yoga-Inspired – Length: 14:59 mins

This relaxed Yoga-Inspired Fit Break focuses on connecting your breath to gentle sustained standing and seated yoga-inspired stretches, leaving you revived, refreshed, and ready for what may lie ahead!

Cardio Blast – Length: 11:51 mins

This heart pumping interval-style fit break offers intensity and complexity options for all, helping you improve your overall cardiovascular strength!

Kickstarter Workout Videos

This two-minute instructional workout series introduces fundamental exercises to help you seamlessly integrate physical activity into your day!

  • Break from Busy

  • Get Fit as You Sit

    Get Fit as You Sit

  • Family First

  • Binge-watch Break

  • Mom and Me

For more workout videos and motivational content, download the free ParticipACTION app.

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Kickstarter Playlist

Get Fit as You Sit – Length: 4:08 mins

This is a simple workout you can do while sitting at work or at home. And it’s a quick way to add a little physical activity to your day. Move more today for a healthier tomorrow.

Family First – Length: 4:07 mins

If you’ve got little kids, you don’t have to divide your time between them and getting active. Do this fun, recess-inspired workout together and you’ll find it’s a bonding experience.

Break from Busy – Length: 4:36 mins

No matter how busy you are, squeeze in this workout at home, while cooking or doing laundry. Physical activity increases endorphins that leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day – so later you can chill and de-stress.

Binge-watch Break – Length: 4:30 mins

Squeeze in this quick two-minute workout with your main squeeze while binge-watching!

Mom and Me – Length: 4:32 mins

There are many benefits to getting active with your child. The time you spend fitting in this quick core-focused workout will not only help YOU sneak more physical activity into your day, but will help your child form good habits.

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