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Active App Fit Break

Over 40,000 prizes awarded to date!

Track your physical activity on the app or sync to your fitness tracker to be entered to win weekly, monthly and quarterly prizes! The more you move, the better your chances of winning.

Prizes Awarded
Prizes Awarded

Celebrate your accomplishments

Earn badges for getting physically active, reading articles, participating in challenges and reaching your goals.

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Credible support makes
all the difference

Create your own challenge

Schedule seven-day move minute, active minute or step challenges with your family, friends or colleagues whenever you want!

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Create your own challenge
Challenge yourself Portrait
Challenge yourself team challenges

Schedule seven-day move minute, active minute or step challenges with your family, friends or colleagues whenever you want!

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Shape image

Stay accountable
and motivated

Friendly notifications

Whether you’re crushing your goals or need a little bit of a push, our tailored messages nudge you along your physical activity journey.

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Friendly Time Notifications
Friendly goal notifications
Friendly goal notifications
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content for you

Motivational workout videos, articles and trivia questions are served up to you based on your profile and interests.

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Workout videos
from the experts

Get moving at home, at work or
on-the-go with a range of workout
videos, including our series with the
YMCA Greater Toronto Area.

Greater Toronto
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Get active
with others

Participate in app challenges with family, friends and colleagues for friendly competition and to cheer each other on!

Getting started is
quick and easy

Customized stream of health tips & guides

Automatically track your activity

Connect to Google Fit, Apple Health, Apple Watch, Garmin or Fitbit to automatically rack up your activity
in the ParticipACTION app.

Google Fit
Apple health
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Track manually

No tracker, no problem! Get moving and tracking manually with a range of activities like brisk walking, housework, yoga or pilates. Enter the time spent and see your progress.

Build workplace engagement, virtually!

Support the health and wellness of your organization with physical activity today.

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