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A Canadian Legacy in Jeopardy

ParticipACTION is Canada’s most recognized and trusted physical activity leader. For over 50 years we’ve been helping people move more where they live, learn, work and play. To continue to support healthy, active living in Canada, we need renewed, sustained investment from the Government of Canada.
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Moving Canadians to Action

Physical inactivity is a pervasive public health issue in Canada, with less than half of adults (49%), and only 28% of children and youth meeting recommended physical activity guidelines.

Canada is far from an active nation and the pandemic has led to major, ongoing declines in physical activity. ParticipACTION’s work is more important than ever. Ongoing support from the Government of Canada is vital to our efforts.

It is critical that ParticipACTION receive a Government of Canada investment of $50 million over five years in Budget 2023

To continue to be a viable, impactful and resourceful organization, it is critical that ParticipACTION receive a Government of Canada investment of $50 million over five years in Budget 2023 to continue to support the health and well-being of Canadians. A lack of funding would severely jeopardize the viability, and possible continued existence, of ParticipACTION as an iconic Canadian institution.

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Make change happen. Reach out directly to one of the Ministers and call on them to support our community. 

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Our physical and mental health play a big role in our nation’s economic health too. 

Physical inactivity costs our healthcare system over $3.9 billion annually, with an additional $7.9 billion in lost productivity.   When translating to an individual level, each insufficiently active worker costs the nation’s economy approximately $2,069 in healthcare costs and lost productivity. In contrast, a $2,000 investment in helping an inactive person to become active will pay for itself in less than one year on average, when accounting for the benefits to the overall economy and society. 

Sustained financial support will help us:

  • Engage with more communities to help people socially connect through movement
  • Continue public education campaigns to promote physical activity as an accessible, affordable way to support mental health
  • Build on existing research and thought leadership that contribute to Canada’s knowledge about issues related to physical activity
  • Connect, inform and empower equity deserving groups to take advantage of the benefits of physical activity
  • Continue to provide the free, bilingual, ParticipACTION app that empowers people on their physical activity journey
  • Provide sector leadership, coordination and communications support in advancing the physical activity issue