The Science

Step aside fads and internet hearsay! We’re here with nothing but the expert-backed facts and research to guide you on your journey to a more active life.
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How much physical activity do I need?

The 24-Hour Movement Guidelines show us how we can balance movement with sleep and reduce our sedentary time each day to live our best lives.

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0 - 4 Years

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5 - 17 Years

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18 - 64 Years

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65+ Years

Physical activity report cards

Developed with leading physical activity experts, ParticipACTION’s Report Cards use letter grades to communicate how active Canadians are and the factors helping or hindering our efforts to move more.

Children and Youth Report Card

Exploring the lost and found active behaviours of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Adult Report Card

Finding a new, active normal in pandemic times.

Key statistics and facts

The inactivity crisis explained.

A middle-aged woman flexing her bicep


Peer-reviewed publications and collaborations.

Explore the benefits of physical activity

Everything gets better when you get active! Find out how you can improve your life today.


Benefits for your body.


Benefits for your mind.


Benefits for your soul.