How much physical
activity do I need?

The 24-Hour Movement Guidelines show us how we can balance movement with sleep and reduce our sedentary time each day to live our best lives.
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0 - 4 Years

Athletic Teen Girl Playing Soccer Ball

5 - 17 Years

A middle-aged man playing field hockey

18 - 64 Years

A senior man pretending to play guitar on a tennis racquet

65+ Years

Explore the benefits of physical activity

Everything gets better when you get active! Find out how you can improve your life today.

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Benefits for your body.

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Benefits for your mind.
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Benefits for your soul.

I’m here to help others get active

Get your organization, group or workforce more active today.

I’m here to help others get active

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Get inspired by stories of people leading fuller lives through physical activity or learn something new that helps you get moving.

Whether you’re at home, at work or on-the-go, we have a workout video to help you get moving today.