Re-kindling the flame: 12 active date ideas to spice things up a notch

The secret to a strong relationship is to keep things moving

Making connections and building relationships has – in principle – never been so easy.

A few clicks here, a couple of swipes and quick messages there, and before you know it, you’re out on a date with your newly-found potential soulmate. However, for the first time in Canada’s history, the number of one-person households has surpassed all other types of living situations, with people living in single-person homes making up 28 per cent of the country.

If you’re not into the Stats Can-type facts, here it is plain and simple: year after year, more and more of us end up living alone. Despite all the awesome ways technology brings us together, we are seeing increased numbers of Canadians living solo, as making and keeping social connections has become somewhat tricky in the tech-crazed, fast-paced society we now live in.

Let’s face it, we could all use a little spark in our relationships from time to time, and by incorporating a bit of physical activity into your dating regime, that spark is just an active date or two away. Instead of continuing to spend more time in front of screens and being lonely, flip the script and change things up a bit.

Put an active spin on dates and get your heart pumping with a partner

Don’t just take our word for it, the science behind the benefits of getting active with a significant other is well-documented, as couples who engage in physical activity together report feeling more satisfied with their relationships than those who don’t (Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman, 2000).

Need more reasons to make date night active? What about the benefits between the sheets? That’s right, physical activity is a great way to spice things up a bit in the bedroom, too. For men, regular physical activity can act as a natural ‘little blue pill’, while reducing risk of erectile problems. As for women, research has found that those who are physically active report greater sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction than women who are sedentary.

Don’t overthink it, just start moving

Couple doing yogaPlanning an ordinary date night can sometimes feel like a tough task, let alone setting one up that involves getting active. But don’t overthink it, getting active for a date is a seriously fun way to get to know someone. Not to mention the chemistry you can build with only a few laps around the running track or swings at the driving range.

The release of those feel-good endorphins within your brain when you get sweaty will also leave you feeling happy and revitalized, not to mention charged up and ready for the next activity. Check out the following ideas for some fun and active date nights, indoor and outdoor options are listed, just in case Mother Nature doesn’t feel like cooperating:


1. Sign-up for a spin class

2. Go to the driving range (also fun outdoors)

3. Try a yoga session, either at home or in studio

4. Hit up a rock-climbing wall

5. Go bowling (every active minute counts!)

6. Sign-up for a dance lesson (salsa, anyone?)


1. Walk a local hiking trail

2.  Play tennis

3. Go for a bike ride, tandem or take your own

4. Be a local tourist (walk the streets and check out the shops and cafes in your neighborhood)

5. Go for a skate, either on-ice or slap on the roller blades

6. Play 1-on-1 and shoot some hoops

It might not always be the first thing you think of when planning out a date night or an evening with your partner, but the benefits of getting active together really do extend into all aspects of your life. From better sleep to better sex, physical activity can help you achieve it all.

So, the next time you’re thinking of parking it for the night on the couch with your partner to ‘Netflix and chill’, or before you shell out an arm and a leg to sit and watch a sporting event with a newfound flame, why not get your hearts pumping together and get active instead. You might just find that your next date (or Valentine’s Day) is your best yet.