Need a pick-me-up? Try our health-boosting workout

Looking for a fun and simple way to clock some of the recommended 150 minutes of weekly moderate-to-vigorous activity? Then check out this total-body, moderate-intensity workout you can do in just 10 to 15 minutes to soak up some health-boosting benefits. All you need are 2-3 lb. hand weights (or something from around the house, like soup cans or filled water bottles).

The warm-up

To warm up, walk or lightly jog on the spot or around the room for two minutes. Be sure to swing your arms to get your upper body warm as well.

The workout

Perform the five exercises below for one minute each, moving at a comfortable pace from one exercise to the next. The goal is to keep a moderate intensity and pace for immunity-boosting benefits.

The moves

You can perform these exercises at three levels:

  • New to exercise: Perform one full cycle.
  • Confident exerciser: Perform two full cycles.
  • Exercise pro: Perform three full cycles.

Walking Bicep Curls

Standing tall, march on the spot around your home, or simply tap your toes while sitting. Alternate curling one arm up toward your shoulder and back down (elbow soft), keeping your elbow close to your body.

Squat/Sit to Stand with Raises

Standing tall and close to a chair/couch/ bed, lower yourself down (tap seat or sit) as you raise your arms up to shoulder height (with or without resistance). Repeat.

Step-up Rear Leg Abduction

Using a step, or simply on the ground, step forward or up with one leg while squeezing the other leg back and up. Keep your hands at your side or use a chair for balance. Stand behind a chair for extra support and alternate lifting one leg back.

Side Leg and Shoulder Abduction

Standing tall, feet shoulder distance apart and arms by your side, extend one leg out to the side while you raise both arms out to shoulder height. Alternatively, while sitting up, alternate toe taps to the side as you raise both arms up to shoulder height.

High Knees with Arm Pull-Downs

Alternating sides, standing tall, feet hip distance apart, pull one knee up toward your chest as you pull both arms down toward the lifting knee. Stand behind a chair for extra support or sit in a chair and alternate lifting one knee into your chest at a time.