Why you should add the Yukon to your bucket list: A Great Big Move winner’s perspective

Last year Madison was one of the lucky grand prize winners of our Great Big Move challenge. She got to go on a five-day trip with her mom to the Yukon, courtesy of Travel Yukon. We spoke with Madison to hear all about their fantastic trip of a lifetime!

How was your overall experience in the Yukon?

Grade D+

Coming from a city environment at home, I loved having a vacation that was all about nature. It gave us a chance to relax and take our time looking at all the scenery.

How did this trip compare to your previous travel experiences? What made it stand out from other trips you’ve taken?

Grade D+
It was so relaxing, and we got to be in touch with nature. At this time last year, we took a trip to Las Vegas and of course loved both trips, but both are so wildly different. The peacefulness of this trip made us slow down and breathe!

What activities and tours did you do?

Grade D+

We did an abundance of activities! We hiked up to Fish Lake and went horseback riding around it, canoed 28 kilometres down the Yukon River, visited a wildlife sanctuary and relaxed in some truly amazing hot springs. I had never done horseback riding before, but my mom had, so getting to do that with her was tons of fun!

Madison and her mom riding horses on a hill.

What were some of the most picturesque places you visited?

Grade D+
We absolutely loved the top of Fish Lake Mountain – the views went on forever, and it looked like something you would see on a postcard!
Madison and her mom standing on rocks in front of a lake surrounded by mountains.

Did you encounter any interesting wildlife? If so, which animals were most memorable to you?

Grade D+
The most wildlife we saw was at the wildlife sanctuary, where we saw caribou, sheep, goats, bison and so much more. Out in nature, we got very close to a bald eagle!

What’s one activity you would do if you planned a trip back to the Yukon?

Grade D+
If we went back to the Yukon, I think we would search for more wildlife, as we didn’t get to see as much as we would’ve hoped for.
Madison and her mom holding antlers.

Were there any unexpected obstacles and/or memorable stories from your trip you want to share?

Grade D+
We were not used to the relaxed nature of the Yukon. We live very busy lifestyles and are usually early to everything. We soon grew to realize that everything was very laid back and relaxed!

Was there any one item you packed that you’re especially grateful you brought?

Grade D+
If you’re going to the Yukon, bring a good pair of running shoes. We’re so glad we brought a comfortable pair of shoes to do as much walking as we did!

What would you tell others who are thinking of going on an active adventure to the Yukon?

Grade D+
It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip! From the views, to the canoeing and hiking, to the calmness of the Nordic spas, the Yukon has something for everyone!

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