4 reasons why you should to get active with your community

Despite all the awesome ways technology can bring us together, more and more people in Canada feel alone. According to Statistics Canada, more than one in 10 people in Canada aged 15 and older are always or often lonely. Physical activity can be used  to help you re-connect with neighbours, family, friends and co-workers. Not only is getting active with others good for our bodies but also our minds. In fact, a recent Nextdoor study revealed that knowing as few as six neighbours can increase feelings of well-being.

Here are 4 reasons to get active with your community and the people around you:

A group of women in red shirts looking at a tablet on a sports field. Playing team sports is a great way to get active with your community.

1. It’s more fun to get active with your community

Hitting the recommended guidelines for weekly physical activity can sometimes feel cumbersome, especially if you’re already having some trouble working movement into your day-to-day routine. But getting active with friends, family and neighbours can actually be a lot of fun. You can share a few laughs and get moving at the same time!

2. You can build new relationships

Sure, meeting new people and creating fresh relationships over the internet is handy, but building local connections and in-person friendships can have very positive effects on your well-being. Next time you’re thinking of hitting the gym, why not ask your new neighbour or co-worker to tag along? You’ll be strengthening social bonds and clocking active minutes in no time!

A man in a wheelchair playing basketball with a woman standing up. 

3. You’re more likely to stick with your routine and crush your goals

Setting physical activity goals and sticking to them are two totally different things, and doing so alone can be tricky. But if you commit to getting active with a friend or group, you’re much more likely to stick to your goals. Not wanting to let others down is a great way to stay motivated. Not to mention, a quick pep talk from a movement buddy might just be exactly the kind of motivation you need.

4. It’s safer to get active with someone else 

Having another few sets of eyes and ears can never hurt when it comes to being safe while enjoying being active. Someone to spot you at the gym or join you on a run at dusk can go a long way in keeping you safe.

A woman doing dumbbell bench presses while another woman spots her.

Human beings need social interactions and strong relationships for optimal health and quality of life. And while some scholars point to our society facing an epidemic of loneliness, there is something we can do about it: get moving, together.

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