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Why my parties are voted “Best Holiday Party”

Everyone loves a party. You get to hang out with friends and eat and drink, and eat, and drink, and eat. Enjoyable, for sure, but it start to feel like Groundhog Day, with each annual gathering indistinguishable from the last. The best parties are the ones that have a twist, and I’ve thrown a few that not only bring together good friends for food and drink, but we do something active as part of the mix. These are the parties...

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Five simple ways to incorporate wellness into your workday

Photo credit: Improve It I work from home now, but at my most recent office job, every afternoon without fail, a colleague from another department, let’s call him Serge, would drop by my department and chat with me and my colleagues before moving on to the next section of the office. None of us were particularly welcoming to his sunny, idle chats — couldn’t he see we were all frantically working so we didn’t have to stay late?! But when...

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Let’s make it active!

I love this time of year and the many joys that come with it: hot cocoa by a roaring fire, turkey dinners with the family, mornings spent lounging in my pajamas, baking sugar cookies with my kids, playing family board games, watching classic holiday TV shows and movies – the list goes on. Just writing about this makes me feel warm and cozy in anticipation! But all that sitting around can make us feel less merry and less bright.  So...

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Holiday shopping? Look for toys that promote active fun

The holiday season will soon be here and many parents are getting a little extra physical activity as they charge from store to store buying gifts for friends and neighbours, colleagues, and family — including of course, the kids! But while many kids have ‘wish’ lists a mile long, often featuring the names of the latest and greatest “must-have” video and computer games, it should be noted that Active Healthy Kids Canada does NOT recommend active video games as a...

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An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, We need to talk. I work at ParticipACTION and think about getting Canadians moving every day. As the holiday season draws near and pictures of you start to appear, I can’t help but notice that you’re always on your rear! I’m concerned. This is a letter-vention. I had a phone call with Mrs. Claus not too long ago and it seems like you’re not making your health a priority. I’ve got some simple suggestions that might make that...

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Fend off the winter blues with running shoes!

  I don’t know about you, but I race through the month of December at a feverish pace (well, truth be told, I race through every month that way, but December, in particular, seems to add that element of chaotic energy). Personally, I love it.  But for some, December is less exciting and energizing and more depressing and sad.  For some, they are away from family and friends because of shift work, or living in a different city or country. ...

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Why signing up for a sports league isn’t just for kids

Photo Credit: Liebesklakritze If you’re anything like me, you find it harder to get moving around this time of year. The weather that comes with late fall and early winter (actually, all of winter) doesn’t exactly lend itself to a spontaneous jog through the park or early morning hike on the weekend. And even when the desire to go to a gym is there, if you’re fighting with the office crowd before or after work for time on a treadmill or...

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We challenge you to complete our Active Advent calendar!

  So many of us experience an activity lull before the holidays arrive. We tend to stay inside as the weather gets colder, and we can lose motivation to venture outside when our daylight time gets shorter. It seems like getting to the gym becomes more unattainable, and we feel even guiltier for missing our planned exercise. We’re here to remind you that maintaining an active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to be an energizer gym bunny. Leading an active lifestyle is...

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Sport can be powerful—as long as it stays positive

Sport taps into some of the most basic human needs and emotions—the joy of mastery, the thrill of competition and the agony of defeat. Experiences on the rink, court or field are the building blocks of character and community. All the more reason we should celebrate and defend the quality of these experiences. A new study from ParticipACTION and True Sport, developed in honour of the fifth annual RBC Sports Day in Canada, coming up this Saturday, November 29, shows...

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Move over November… “Movember” is here!

This post was originally posted on Nov 3, 2013 Are you growing a “mo” this month? During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of mens’ faces, in Canada and around the world. With their “mos,” men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Our lifestyles and choices go a long way towards keeping us healthy… and yes, we all get off-track from time...

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