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Top stories we saw this month

                          We work hard to stay on the forefront of all sport and physical activity related news, and are lucky enough to have the time to read the latest and greatest tips and tricks to keep us fit and informed. But who would we be if we didn’t share them with you? Here is a list of the top stories we read on the net this month: We’re...

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Physical Activity at Work: What I learned from wearing an activity tracker

We hear it over and over again: walking is one of the easiest ways to be physically active.  It’s also said to be the single best thing Canadians can do to improve their health.  Did you know that healthy adults should take 10,000 steps a day?  Do you take that many steps each day?  I wasn’t sure myself, so I decided to partake in a personal challenge where I would walk at least 10,000 steps a day from Monday to...

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Why can’t every night be Halloween?

Parents these days love to reminisce about what things were like when they were kids—when the streets were safe and everyone played outside until the streetlights came on.  (Who’s kidding whom? Parents in any day!) That night still comes once a year – on Halloween. Every October 31, I clap eyes on every single child I know in the entire neighbourhood on one night (some more recognizable than others in their fairy/firefighter/mummy get-ups).  Everyone is out, walking in groups, interacting...

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How could we not make this a priority?

So, we all know getting active is good for us.  But sometimes the benefits seem way down the road, and somehow this can make inactivity seem like a big, overwhelming, convoluted problem that we should figure out sometime in the future. But, a new report from the Conference Board of Canada, released with ParticipACTION, tallies up exactly what the benefits would be—in dollars and lives saved—if we got more active.  And what’s most exciting, I think, is that the savings...

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What sport can do

So many people think of getting active, being athletic and playing sport as the same thing—and it’s true, sport can make you sweat and move your body.  But, sport is so much more powerful than that. When community sport is based on the True Sport values of excellence, fairness, inclusion and fun, there are almost no limits to the amazing things sport can do. Sport connects people. A positive sport experience has the power to influence a lot of people,...

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We try wearable fitness trackers #4: the Fitbit

Name: Rachel Shantz Tracker: Fitbit Flex 1. Describe your tracker and the basics of how it works/how you use it. I was intrigued by the exploding popularity of the Fitbit and wanted to get one to try for myself to see what all the hype was about. The Fitbit is a little, plastic, step-tracking chip that fits inside a rubber bracelet that connects via Bluetooth to your phone. The Fitbit app uses the data from the chip to tell you...

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Hiking: No place is too far if you have time

Hiking in Hong Kong (Photo by Wendy Ho) This blog post was written by Wendy Ho and originally appeared on Land Lines, the NCC blog. It was a hot, humid summer day without a breath of wind in the mountain pass. Up and up I hiked, head down and sweaty, wishing to feel a whisper of a summer breeze. Occasionally I glanced up to check that I wasn’t trailing too far behind my parents. “We’re here, the hardest part is over,”...

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Reversing the tech tide: parenting tips I learned from my kid

   Last night I was on my way out the door to go pick up my 10-year-old from her dance class. Just as I was leaving, my 14-year-old daughter wheeled up on her bike, coming back home after hanging out with a friend.  I asked her if she wanted to come along and keep me company, and she hopped in beside me. Naturally, as we drove, we started to talk about her little sister. “She’s addicted to screens you know,”...

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The benefits of bike-share systems

From home to work, back-to-back meetings, lunch at your desk, more meetings, then back home to family obligations, it can be hard during Monday to Friday’s daily routines to find time to be physically active. Fortunately, cities are making it a bit easier to fit in pockets of activity with bike-share facilities. In Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, and soon Vancouver, along with more than 500 cities around the world (New York, London, Paris and Dublin to name just a few), bike...

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We’re moving in a new direction, have you noticed?

So, you may have noticed that things seem a little different around here. Our team has decided to take a new approach to writing for the ParticipACTION blog, Twitter, Facebook and all aspects of our digital presence. As part of our desire to better engage with you, our readers, we thought we should diversify our voices so that we can do a better job of sharing new ideas on physical activity from different perspectives. And, we want to know what...

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