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Sport can be powerful—as long as it stays positive

Sport taps into some of the most basic human needs and emotions—the joy of mastery, the thrill of competition and the agony of defeat. Experiences on the rink, court or field are the building blocks of character and community. All the more reason we should celebrate and defend the quality of these experiences. A new study from ParticipACTION and True Sport, developed in honour of the fifth annual RBC Sports Day in Canada, coming up this Saturday, November 29, shows...

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Move over November… “Movember” is here!

This post was originally posted on Nov 3, 2013 Are you growing a “mo” this month? During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of mens’ faces, in Canada and around the world. With their “mos,” men raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Our lifestyles and choices go a long way towards keeping us healthy… and yes, we all get off-track from time...

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The True North strong and free (and flexing!)

 RBC Olympian Mark Oldershaw learning to figure skate with Natalie In the land of fitness and physical activity, we see people flexing their muscles all the time. There are plenty of reasons why—most obviously, in a sports game to intimidate members of the opposite team, or to flaunt their strength in front of a crush, the internet or whomever! Heck, even kangaroos do it to show off their fighting muscles to females, who are wooed by them. But why are...

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Why you should ward off the winter blues with a swim, and how to take the first plunge

With less daylight, colder temperatures and the likely return of a Polar Vortex, it’s no surprise this is the time of year when people want to put on a thick sweater, crawl under a blanket and hibernate. In fact, Dr. Robert Levitan, a clinical scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, recently wrote in the Toronto Star that the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are a lot like hibernation — you want to sleep more, eat...

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The rewards of trying something new: suspension yoga

I’ve been dealing with a nagging running injury, so when a friend asked if I’d join her for a trapeze class, I was a bit hesitant. Suspending myself several dozen feet in the air with legs that aren’t fully functioning probably isn’t the quickest route to recovery. I proposed a slightly more grounded activity, though one that would still have us catching some air — suspension yoga. Poses are performed in and around a large loop of cloth hanging from the...

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Simple Tips for an Easier Bike Commute

                          Sometimes when I’m riding my bike to work, I secretly fantasize that every person I pass in a car stuck in traffic secretly wants to be with me as I swiftly ride past them. Commuting to and from work by bike has become a very fun part of my day.  My morning ride leaves me energized and ready for work, in a way no cup of coffee...

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25 Physical Activity Life Hacks

      A life hack is a little tip or trick to make your life easier, or an uncommon solution to a common problem.  So, physical activity life hacks are the small tweaks you can make to your daily schedule to fit some extra movement in.  The formula is very simple. More movement = better life.         Piggy back your children up and down the stairs.  This requires balance, strength and cooperative kids—but you need to...

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Sport will do your child good

    Each month, ParticipACTION releases a new set of Lifestyle Tips, in partnership with the Canadian Fitness Lifestyle Research Institute. As issue leaders, we’ve ensured that these tips are backed up by good, solid research! This month, we revisited the state of sport in Canada, why your kids can benefit from sport, and how you can encourage their participation.       Here’s a quick summary of why sport will do your child good: In Canada: 74% of Canadian...

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Beat the mid-day blahs with these 5 tips to keep your energy up!

                                        I can’t pretend that exercising in the workplace looks cool. To the average person, there is nothing about lunging around the office that looks normal. But, in the middle of the day when I’ve been sitting for 3-5 hours, I usually need a pick-me-up! If you can approach your workday with a sense of humor and a little creativity, you...

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Should we cut kids from sports teams? The rebuttal

My colleague Christa made a great case for why kids should not be cut from sports teams. I’m here to argue the other side. Not necessarily by choice, but for argument’s sake. As a parent I have witnessed my three children make school teams, and also get cut from school teams. Making the team comes with wide-grinned pride in achievement, and getting cut comes with its own special sting. As someone who believes in accessible physical activity opportunities for all...

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