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What moved us this month: Our favourite links on the net this month.

Living in the information age, we work hard to stay on top of the continuous news on physical activity, fitness and health. We are lucky to be a part of such an enthusiastic group of health professionals, and are so often inspired by the work we see, but there can be so much info! (Sigh). We thought, why don’t we make it easy and share our favorite links? At the end of each month we will post a “What Moved...

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Our blog is written by a passionate group of ParticipACTION staffers who live, work and play physical activity every day.

Meet our invited guest writers too!

Exercising outdoors? Stay cool as summer heats up!

Summer’s heat and humidity can interfere with the ability to exercise outdoors. While some people, particularly those with respiratory diseases, are better off indoors, most of us can safely stay active outdoors all season. Paying attention to weather advisories and a few simple tips can go a long way to making your workout safe and more enjoyable. Here’s what I suggest:1. Choose a cool time of day to be active outdoors. Throughout the summer, this typically means early morning or late...

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How to find the athlete inside your child

My three-year-old plays soccer. Well, let’s just say she has a jersey and a soccer ball and we convene with two coaches and a group of other three-year-olds with jerseys and soccer balls in the park every Monday. There are pylons and whistles, but it’s more about whether or not they will put on the red pinnies, with some moving around, taking water breaks, figuring out how to kick and run in the right direction and, yes, have fun. Do...

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IS a 30-year-old Canadian as fit as a 60-year-old Swede?

Second blog assignment and another indication of my age! The topic—a retrospective of ParticipACTION! Once again, I rationalize my suitability to discuss “the old days” because I did begin my career in physical activity promotion at the original ParticipACTION in 1991. It was my dream job. I left university knowing that I would, one day work for ParticipACTION. And, as it turns out, I did, not once but twice! Before you ask, no, I was not personally acquainted with the...

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Research Roundup: the latest and greatest on physical activity

As the “know-it-all” Knowledge Manager with ParticipACTION, even I get overwhelmed with the amount of new research on physical activity. Every month, new and exciting evidence emerges informing us of how, when, what, and why physical activity is important. So you don’t have to, I have reviewed some of the latest and greatest information and summarized the findings below This month we learn that reducing physical inactivity can have a great economic benefit in Canada, social support is a significant...

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Why kids (and adults!) need time in the woods

This post by invited guest, Mark Yearwood, founder and Executive Director of Kids In the Woods Initiative Where did you play as a child? If your childhood was anything like mine, you likely spent plenty of time outdoors in nature. Unfortunately, for children today, unstructured playtime in the woods is not common. While playing in a forest or exploring a creek is fun, nature experiences provide so much more for children. But, before we get to the benefits, it’s important to...

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I hate walking! If you do too, here are 10 reasons to love biking

Walking is one of the most popular, easy, and accessible ways to get physical activity, and the health benefits of walking are well documented. I know a lot of people who LOVE to walk and go out of their way to walk more.  Good for them!  I am not one of those people. Working at ParticipACTION, I admit I feel some shame about my hatred for walking, as walking wherever and whenever possible is part of ParticipACTION’s mantra on physical...

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Good role models rub off. Active transportation inspired by my 90-year-old grandmother!

Like many Canadian children, I found myself dreading the walk to and from school as a child. And if I’m honest, I still found myself dreading the 30-minute walk to the office, until recently when I was reminded that my 90-year-old grandmother, who lives in Finland, still rides her bike into town to pick up groceries. Heck, paved roads in Finnish villages are few and far between (kind of like trying to find a needle in a haystack)—she’s riding her...

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No risk at playtime makes Jack a dull boy

A school principal once told a friend of mine that her take on safety in the schoolyard is that you don’t want kids to break an arm, but you do want them to scrape a knee.  For parents, even that line can seem iffy.  I mean, who wants their kid to scrape a knee? I do. Because I work at ParticipACTION and have exposure to the latest and greatest physical activity research on a regular basis, I might be more...

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Considering getting older? Get moving. Your brain will thank you.

So, apparently, I am going to be blogging!  This is my first blog.  And the topic I was assigned: physical activity and Alzheimer’s disease.  I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned about the topic assignment, after all, I am the oldest of the ParticipACTION staff (in chronological age only) and we know a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s is aging!  This poses a serious public health concern given that by 2031, nearly one in four of us will be...

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