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Exercising outdoors? Time to think sun protection

As our weather heats up, off come the layers — and this of course brings us to the important subject of sun protection. While it’s vital to protect exposed skin from the sun year-round, we tend to spend much more time outdoors throughout the warmer seasons and have more exposed skin to protect. There’s no need to stay indoors when you take a multi-pronged approach to protecting your skin from the dangers of the sun. Here’s what to consider: Sun Protective...

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Our blog is written by our Active Living Ambassador, Catherine Cameron.

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Six reasons to use your bike for transportation

At ParticipACTION, we’re urging Canadians to, Park the Car. Why? Because eight-five per cent of Canadian adults aren’t active enough to meet the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and therefore aren’t active enough for health benefits. Our sedentary lives – think desk jobs, long commutes in the car, and hours in front of screen – are making us sick and have the potential to take years off our lives. Get moving to help restore your physical and mental health – and...

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Love walking? Try my 10 KM walking program!

If you’re an avid walker or have completed my popular 8-week walking program for beginners, you might well be ready for something more. Challenge yourself with my 10 KM Walking Program! It’s designed to prepare you for a 10 KM walk, again over a period of eight weeks. Generally speaking, walking is considered a safe, low-impact activity for most people and can be modified (pace, distance, terrain, etc.) to meet your individual needs. If you have any health-related concerns, please check with...

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My all-new “playground workout” for parents. Get fit while the kids play!

Today I’m thrilled to share my newest creation… a workout designed with busy parents in mind. For all the parents, caregivers, and grandparents who take their children to the park or playground to enjoy the active play they need for good health, this one’s for you! It’s also ideal for those who like me, prefer to exercise outdoors. I do many of these move before, during and after my many weekly runs; while cheering on my youngest daughter at her soccer...

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Start a workplace walking group – it’s easy!

Jennifer Wheeler is a 43-year-old mother of three who lives in Toronto. I know her personally — we met when I consulted with her workplace and helped them launch an employee wellness program nearly three years ago. Understanding that happy and healthy employees are more productive, committed, and incur less absenteeism, her company wanted to invest in building the healthiest workplace and workforce they could. With thousands of employees located in several major Canadian cities, they called upon me to...

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Employers should encourage employees to move more

It’s time to take a close look at a major lifestyle threat to our health – the sedentary behaviour that’s become a big part of the work day. Indeed, evidence suggests the time we adults spend chained to our desks is damaging to our health, perhaps even killing us. While some Canadians are using height-adjustable desks that enable standing and working or the use of a pedal device underneath, what we really need is a movement that extends beyond “walk to...

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Beware the chair

Did you know Canadian adults are sedentary for approximately 9.5 hours each day? In large part, this can be attributed to the increase in desk jobs and to the amount of time we spend in our cars (fewer than 10 per cent of people walk or take public transportation to work). It also stems from the time we spend seated on breaks, at meetings, and at lunch. Research now tells us more about the dark side of sitting: you may...

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Sneak in a mini workout at work!

Happy Sneak It In Week! This week is all about wearing your sneakers to work and discovering how easy it can be to sneak it some physical activity as part of the workday. Add a couple of brisk 10-minute walks or activity breaks and you’ll be on your way to better health. But why 10 Minutes? We’re glad you asked! According to the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines, adults need 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity per week, but this does...

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Join us for Sneak It In Week next week… and boost your health and happiness at work!

Next week is Sneak It In Week – please join us — and check out and share our new #SneakItIn Week video clip too! We all know physical activity is good for us. The challenge for a few is finding the time, and for many, the perception that they don’t have the time. You don’t have to hit the gym every day to get the physical activity you need for health benefits. In fact, for many people, sneaking in a...

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Your challenge? Add a 10-minute active break to each workday

Did you know getting active, even for periods as short 10 minutes, can enhance your health? Need a little convincing? Here are some of the benefits, along with a few “how-to” suggestions: Benefit: Exercise improves your mood –and there are days (we all have them!) where we can all use a little lift. Physical activity stimulates certain brain chemicals that can leave us feeling happier and more relaxed, and can even help prevent and treat mild to moderate depression. Enjoy...

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