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Taking a stand on tobogganing

In recent news, some Canadian municipalities have banned tobogganing due to concerns about risk and danger of injury while engaging in the activity. As expected, the general public is taking sides on the debate, and we felt the need to share our two cents. Call it ‘toblogganing,’ if you will. Some parents are concerned that the risks of tobogganing outweigh the positive benefits. Though we acknowledge that there is an element of risk, we believe that if you toboggan safely—you...

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Steve Jobs limited his kids’ screen time. Can I?

I read a great article that appeared in the New York Times, which reveals how some of the biggest leaders in the tech industry, including the late Steve Jobs, did not allow a technology free-for-all at home. In fact, quite the opposite; these tech titans are acutely aware of the benefits of reining in kids’ screen time at home to make room for the important stuff, like real-life conversations, homework and (although not mentioned in the article), physical activity. Inspirational...

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How to use technology to limit kids’ screen time

In today’s culture of ‘getting things done’ the screen may seem like a simple solution for parents.  But too much screen time isn’t great for kids for a lot of reasons – and when your little angel turns into a zombie TV child, it is time to unplug! So how can we, as parents, manage our kid’s screen time and avoid the negative effects of overconsumption? Ironically, technology is the answer! Setting limits with technology It may seem odd to...

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Ask an Expert: What is the best time of the day to “work out”?

For this week’s blog, I had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Greg Wells, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Toronto where he studies elite sport performance. He also serves as an Associate Scientist in Physiology and Experimental Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children where he and his team explore how to use exercise to prevent, diagnose and treat chronic illnesses in children. I wanted to find out when the best time of the day was to...

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It’s time to make room for play!

 Kids don’t play as much as they used to for a lot of reasons, and ParticipACTION’s new national campaign takes on one very real barrier to play—the constant lure of screens. Video games, television, computers and smartphones have replaced time spent running, playing and being active outdoors.  In fact, Canadian kids spend an average of seven hours and 48 minutes a day in front screens. Over the course of a week that is more time than their parents spend at...

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What if choosing a sport was just like sampling a new ice cream?

                        From my perspective, choosing a sport should be like sampling Baskin-Robbins’ ice cream. With over 1000 flavours to choose from (since 1945), it’s only logical to test them all to find your favourite. Now, realistically it might not be the healthiest to consume 1000 flavours of ice cream, but by trying a new sport you’ll likely be more physically active with added side effects like: Reducing stress Boosting...

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How to plan for a successful active year!

The New Year is all about new beginnings, a new start, and a chance to press reset on all of our bad habits.  As a result many set some pretty hefty resolutions for ourselves only to break them within a few months. Having an action plan for you and your family to get more active together can help achieving those goals more realistic and sustainable long-term. Key steps in planning your success are below: Assess what your family is currently...

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Five free fitness ideas to keep you active in 2015!

A new year has arrived and in usual fashion, many of us are feeling a squeeze on our budgets after the holiday season. We’re thinking about how to keep our resolutions to stay active and healthy this year, but it can be tough to do on a budget. Here are 5 frugal fitness ideas to keep you active through 2015: Spend time in nature: It is well researched that spending time in nature has many physical and mental health benefits....

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Inspiration comes in many forms

In this country, we have a tendency to think of our decorated Olympians and NHL superstars as the ultimate physical activity role models, and we look to them for inspiration.  And yes, they are amazing athletes who have done amazing things.  But, when it comes to making daily physical activity a part of who you are as a person, I am most inspired by the individuals who have reinvented themselves through movement.  And yes—you can reinvent yourself through movement! Activity...

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Our year in review

2014 is coming to a close soon, and we’d like to take a moment to step back, reflect and celebrate our successes and challenges this year. This is ParticipACTION’s year in review. Things we are proud of: Sneak It In Week is a program that is near and dear to our hearts. Not only is the title cheeky—and we love cheeky—but we’ve seen more participants and enthusiasm for this program than ever before! Canadians are starting to take an interest...

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