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We try wearable fitness trackers #2: Tractivity!

For the next few blogs, we are testing and writing about our experiences with different physical activity tracking devices, and I was assigned to try out Tractivity. Let me start by saying that I was only introduced to email in 1995. My boss at that time thought that email meant leaving a yellow sticky note on my computer screen. The “attachment” was a file of papers left on my desk. I realize that 1995 is almost 20 years ago and...

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Six school backpack must-haves to encourage active play!

At this time of year, the ads are teeming with back-to-school specials to set your child’s wardrobe and pencil case up for success. But one of the best things you can do to encourage your child’s academic success, reduce their stress, build their social skills and confidence is encourage regular exercise! Sports teams and activities are important, but kids really need the chance to be active throughout the school day, in every way—playing at recess and lunch, walking or wheeling...

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My Love-Hate Relationship with the Playground

Let me start off by saying I want to love taking my kids to the playground because I know how amazing unstructured, outdoor play is for kids. But as we walk home from school each day, I dread the inevitable question, “Can we go to the park?” I have many issues with going to the playground, but here are my top two: 1. My kids aren’t physically active at the park and… 2. I’m bored out of my mind!!! I’ve...

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“A sport is a sport and a fan is a fan, no matter where in this world you were born”

The title of this blog is, in fact, a quote from the new report Playing Together – new citizens, sports and belonging, produced by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) . I had the pleasure and great fortune to attend the release of the report, which is described as a “national study that explores how new citizens participate in Canada’s sporting culture … This study illuminates how sports can help new citizens successfully integrate into Canadian life , and shares...

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Five ways to stay active while on the road

I’ve been travelling a lot lately, mostly for work, sometimes for fun. I’m always excited to see a new place and to get out of my routine at home, but this also means interrupting my fitness routine. While it’s nice to give my body a rest every now and then, I’ve learned that it’s nicer to keep it moving. But will I have access to a gym? Will that gym have the equipment that I need? Will I even have...

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With Deer in Cedar: A call to get children back into nature

Happy Valley forest, Ontario (Photo by Nature Conservancy of Canada) This blog post was written by Erica Thompson and originally appeared on Land Lines, the NCC blog. To witness a deer in full flight is astounding. It’s particularly impressive when you are standing only a few feet from its flight path. I was walking with friends and their one-year-old son at the back of their farm on the Niagara Escarpment near Mansfield, Ontario a few days ago. We were making...

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Five Reasons Why You Need to Try Camping

I am a city girl , I admit it. I like to know that there’s a latté close by if I need one. But last summer my family of five out-voted me and opted for a canoe trip, and I wasn’t going to be left behind. We planned two nights on the Spanish River, in northern Ontario, which promised fast moving water, and even some basic class I and II rapids to shoot. Using a local outfitter to supply us...

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Digital motivation: ParticipACTION tries 5 fitness trackers

These days, it seems like there is a new device for everything. You can drink from a cup that will tell you exactly what you’re drinking, you can shock yourself into exercising by wearing a wristband that will electrify you if you’ve been sedentary too long, and rumour has it, a fancy new iWatch is coming to town. With all these new devices aimed at helping us lead healthier lives, we are wondering how practical are they, really We love...

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10 Amazing Everyday Objects That Kids Love to Play With

If, like me, you’ve been to the playground a million times with your kids, and can’t bear the thought of them going up and down the same slide one more time, don’t give up so fast on playtime. Some of the best things to get kids playing actively and creatively don’t come in bright shiny plastic, and can be found at home or on the way to the recycling bin. When it comes to kids, the weirder the better. It...

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What moved us this month: Our favourite links on the net this month.

Living in the information age, we work hard to stay on top of the continuous news on physical activity, fitness and health. We are lucky to be a part of such an enthusiastic group of health professionals, and are so often inspired by the work we see, but there can be so much info! (Sigh). We thought, why don’t we make it easy and share our favorite links? At the end of each month we will post a “What Moved...

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