Sit Less. Move More. At Work.

UPnGO with ParticipACTION helps deskbound workplaces seamlessly integrate fun, rewarding, and healthy behaviour programming into the workday to help employees be at their best. 

Active workplaces are productive workplaces. Get your company moving with us today.

A sedentary, deskbound workforce hurts your bottom line

Only 20% of Canadian adults are getting the recommended amount of physical activity – and our modern workplace culture is feeding into this problem. More time is spent sitting at work than ever before, leading to a less active, less healthy, and less productive workforce.

UPnGO with ParticipACTION includes a unique combination of platform, curriculum and onsite support designed to mobilize your entire workforce towards lasting, healthier behaviours. UPnGO has been piloted and fine-tuned in fourteen different organizations of all sizes. Rigorous evaluations have shown that the program positively impacts employee wellness and drives a marked increase in employee engagement and workplace culture. 


A unique approach to transforming your workplace

  • Smart Incentives

    Smart Incentives:
    Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards designed for sustained engagement

  • Behavioural Economics

    Behavioural Economics:
    An evidence-informed design, the result of a partnership with experts at UBC and Rotman’s BEAR Research Centre

  • Data Driven

    Data Driven:
    Real results with regular quantitative reporting delivered to you

  • High Risk Targeting

    High Risk Targeting:
    Designed for your entire workforce, specifically targeting your most sedentary employees

  • Fun

    A variety of physical-activity-based themes and challenges builds a culture of support, resulting in a workday that’s more fun and rewarding

  • Compatible

    Works with leading activity trackers, free apps like Google and iOS Health and minute tracking for employees who can’t connect via mobile

  • Workday Integration

    Workday Integration:
    Small asks and bite-size content provides seamless integration into the workday

Partners & Funders

Along with the partners listed below, UPnGO with ParticipACTION draws on the expertise of an interdisciplinary team of behavioural scientists, health communicators and physical activity advisors.