We’ve retired the ParticipACTION app

In 2019, ParticipACTION developed an app to empower people living in Canada to get more physically active. We’re proud of the 350,000 of you who set goals and tracked activity with us. As of August 31, 2023, our app will no longer be available.

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Why is the ParticipACTION app shutting down?
ParticipACTION launched a new strategic plan in 2023: our blueprint to get more people moving while ensuring that we operate efficiently and have the resources needed to deliver against our strategy. As we implement our new strategic plan and focus on the work we believe will have the greatest impact, we have made the difficult decision to shut down the ParticipACTION app as of August 31, 2023.
What does this mean for ParticipACTION?
While we’re sad to say goodbye to our app, we’re excited to explore new and innovative ways to help people living in Canada move more where they live, learn, work and play. With more than half of adults in Canada NOT getting enough physical activity, there’s work to be done! We’ll continue to support people living in Canada to lead an active lifestyle through our existing channels and exciting new initiatives.
What does this mean for ParticipACTION+?
ParticipACTION+ was launched in 2019 to help organizations and its members enjoy an active, healthier day through team physical activity challenges in the ParticipACTION app. Organizations from industries such as food and agriculture, manufacturing, government, energy, Indigenous health, insurance, education, engineering, entertainment, telecommunications, and technology participated in the program. As a result of the shutdown of the ParticipACTION app, ParticipACTION+ will no longer be available to workplaces and organizations. ParticipACTION is committed to making workplaces active places and will seek new opportunities to promote and support physical activity in the workplace in future.    
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Thank you for your interest in learning more about our decision. Please see our full FAQ here.

Continue to get active with us!

While we work on developing new and innovative tools to support you, stay tuned for updates and get motivated on your journey to a more active you through our existing channels:

A big thank you!

ParticipACTION would like to thank all those who helped fuel the app, including funders, developers, content creators, agencies and researchers, for their ongoing support.