A 7-day challenge to kick start an active routine

We all need a reminder sometimes—something to nudge us in the direction of our goals. When it comes to getting active, there are a million different ways to get started. Want a science-backed ready-to-move action plan? Try a streak challenge!  

Why is it beneficial? First, a streak challenge follows the KISS principle. It’s a repetitive, prescribed plan that tells you exactly what to do and how long to do it for.  It’s also a SMART way to achieve your goals. It’s specific, measurable, achievable (when you choose the right one), relevant and time-constrained.

Second, one study suggests that when you focus on one action and repeat it in the same context (same time, same place), that action can help you create the foundation for long-lasting change. You’re on your way to creating a habit. By making the action “automatic” you are able to free up your mental resources for other tasks.

Lastly, once you complete the challenge, you walk away with a sense of accomplishment – and a little boost of confidence goes a long way when it comes to trying to be more active. It’s a little pat on the back that reminds us of what we can do and how awesome we are.  

Now you’re thinking, “How do I get started?”

We’ve created three different 7-day streak challenges for you to choose from. Depending on your interest and ability you might want to do one or do all three! These simple challenges only require 7 minutes of your time or less. To set yourself up for success, remember to tackle one challenge at a time, create reminders (use visuals or technology, or enlist some friends or co-workers), and choose a good time that works for you. Most importantly, make it fun!


If none of these appeal or you have a physical disability that might require some exercise modifications, we recommend downloading the CPF Challenge app. The CPF Challenge app was designed to bring awareness of cerebral palsy and get your heart pumping through 21 days of 7-minute workouts. The app includes helpful videos to show you how you can modify the 7-minute workout to suit your needs.

I believe the expression goes, “One day or Day One, you decide!” Try a streak challenge and see how it can kick-start you into action.