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Local champions of physical activity: getting active is the key to a better life

Meet Mary Beth Farrell & find out how she’s making her Community Better with physical activity

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Photo courtesy: Mary Beth Farrell

Championing physical activity is something that comes naturally for Mary Beth Farrell, a retired teacher from Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador. Mary Beth has been making physical activity a key part of her everyday life since she was a kid.

Growing up in a large family of 10, Mary Beth would spend her free time enjoying as much of the outdoors as she possibly could, taking in all that the beautiful Burin Peninsula had to offer. “We were a very active family,” Mary Beth said. “Always involved in organized sports and the outdoors, it was a part of my daily routine that’s continued today. I enjoy being physically active and I look forward to it. It just improves my entire day.”

As an elementary school teacher, Mary Beth spent her days educating classrooms on more than just math, science and history. As someone who was already reaping the benefits of being active daily, she took it upon herself to make sure her children – and, sometimes, even her co-workers – were also learning about all the positive impacts physical activity can have on their daily lives.

“It was the same when I was on staff at school, even trying to encourage other teachers, especially ones who were having a bad day or week, to take some time for themselves to get up and move to make themselves feel that much better. I’ve always been a promoter of the benefits of physical activity. The more children and adults I can get involved in physical activity the better”, Mary Beth told ParticipACTION from her home in Marystown.

The awesome thing about physical activity is the benefits it has like boosting your happiness, enabling you to Sleep Better and even building social connections to Community Better.

Now 54 years young, Mary Beth is as active as ever and has not stopped pushing her message of positivity when it comes to physical activity. She is deeply involved within her community to make everyone’s lives better with physical activity.

“Recently, the Girl Guides and Brownie groups in Marystown contacted me to come in and speak to the children about the importance of being physically active,” said Mary Beth. “I also did fitness classes with the children and got them involved in the class. I am showing the kids how they can help motivate other people to be active as well.” It is that kind of passion that demonstrates why Mary Beth is a local champion of physical activity in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“It makes me feel really honoured, because physical activity is something I truly love,” Mary Beth said. “To know that there are people with different challenges going through life, to be able to get out there and talk or even go for a walk with them and let them know I am always there to lend a hand. If I can help them in anyway, I will.”

With physical activity as her guide, Mary Beth continues to enjoy life to the fullest, participating in local running and hiking groups in addition to being a member at the Marystown YMCA. Her message is one that all Canadians could benefit from, and one that we should all take to heart:

“Keep people motivated and keep moving. I say to people, you need to be active. Life is going to be so much better, all around.”

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