Local Champions of physical activity: Benefits of living an active life

“Movement is my entertainment & my meditation.” – Richard Churchill

Richard Churchill


It’s that kind of passion for physical activity that’s always pushed soon-to-be 35-year-old Richard Churchill to live an active lifestyle, ever since he was a small child growing up in St. Phillips, Newfoundland and Labrador. A passion that’s stronger than ever today.

“I consider myself someone who has been an active person all my life. Even in my preschool years, I was always passionate about sports,” said Richard. “And now that I’m older, I’ve made movement a part of my daily routine and made a point to be active at least five days a week. I always make time for it.”

Working physical activity into your daily schedule, like Richard, is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy some of the awesome benefits that come along with living an active life.

For Richard, the best way to soak up those benefits is on his bike, where he spends most mornings commuting to his job as a high school teacher: “Since the start of the year I’ve been doing some cycle commuting into work, and I find it a really lovely way to start my day and squeeze some activity in,” Richard told ParticipACTION. “So, I am a big advocate of active transportation.”

“When I cycle to work, I show up feeling refreshed and motivated, ready to work and take on the day.”

Richard Churchill


Once he arrives at work, Richard doesn’t stop spreading his enthusiastic message of the positive impacts being active can have. Actually, he uses his time in schools teaching young people living in Canada the importance of incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives.

“A major part of my identity that I share with students is the importance of being active. It’s not only a way to educate them, but a way to connect with them, as well,” said Richard. “I also talk a lot to them about mental health. Just how great physical activity can be for their mental health and the many benefits that come along with being active, especially being active outside.”

Whether it be outside in nature, inside your own home or inside a gym or studio, getting active really is key to getting the most out of life. And if you don’t believe us, just ask Richard.

“Being active is such an important part of living a happy, fulfilled and successful life. So if even one person gets inspired to be active because of me sharing my story, I’d be extremely happy.”

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