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App challenges how-to guide

From how to join a challenge to how to keep up the momentum once a challenge ends, check out the tips below for everything you need to know, including:

  • How to join a challenge
  • How to stay active after a challenge ends
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Steps to Join

1. Make sure you’re on the latest app version. Not sure if you are?
Update to the latest version from the links below:

Download on the App Store logo
Get it on Google Play logo

2. On the app home screen, look for the “Join a challenge” button like the one in the image below and tap on it:

Join the challenge app screen

3. Follow the prompts and you’re in!
IMPORTANT: You need to complete this step to be eligible for challenge prizes!
You can join any time during the challenge period. Every move counts, so it’s never too late to start!

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Need help finding team members?

Just share your team code on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages, or share it on your own social media channels. There are many others out there eager to join a team to get moving and winning with you!

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Invite team members at any point during the challenge

1. Tap on the teams icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen:

2. Hit the “My team” button to share your team code:

Bigger and more active team = more chances to win!

Teammates can be anywhere in Canada

This is a virtual challenge – you don’t have to be in the same city or town as your teammates!

With more team members moving, you can clear challenge milestones faster, which will improve your chances of winning prizes!

A group of active women smiling and embracing

How to improve your team experience

Sync your fitness tracker

Looking for an easy way to help your team rack up those minutes without manual tracking? Just sync your fitness tracker to automatically see your minutes accumulate.  

IMPORTANT: Your synced minutes only count when you open the ParticipACTION app, so remember to open it daily!  

Free access to a fitness tracker

Don’t have a fancy watch or wearable? You might already have access to a fitness tracker through your phone!

  • iPhone users have access to Apple Health.
  • Android users can sync with Google Fit. 

How to sync your fitness tracker:

Turn on push notifications

Turn on notifications from the ParticipACTION app for handy tips to help you stay active and monitor your progress!

How to turn on push notifications:

More Challenges

You can create challenges for your team!

7-day challenges – With your choice of three challenges:

  • Steps challenge
    Walk your way to gold by tracking the most steps.
  • Move minutes challenge
    Any kind of physical activity counts as you and your teammates compete for the most move minutes.
  • Active minutes challenge
    This challenge is all about tracking the most heart-pumping active minutes in a week.

While you can only participate in one challenge at a time, schedule as many as you want, whenever you want!

The bigger the team, the bigger the fun!

More prizes

Keep active with the app for a chance to automatically win weekly, monthly or quarterly prizes. We’ve given out over 40,000 prizes to date!

Learn how to win prizes:

More inspiration to help you move

For motivation, find tons of exercise ideas and workouts for all levels in the app. Every week, we add new videos and articles to the app to provide workout and exercise ideas for wherever you are on your physical activity journey. 

How to find workout ideas and health tips: