Make this Canada’s Day to Play

Remember playing as a kid until the streetlight went on? Well it’s time to bring that back. On June 21st Canadians can take advantage of the most daylight hours of the year and celebrate the Longest Day of Play. On the Longest Day of Play we want all Canadians to head to the park after dinner. Bring a ball, bring your kids and invite all your friends. Might as well bring the dog too! Fill the playgrounds, parks and school fields with those who are out for the sheer love of play. We have Longest Day of Play ideas to make your celebration extra fun!

Communication Tools

We have posters, a logo, social media guide and more to help you spread the word about the Longest Day of Play – as well as tip sheets to get you playing! See the tools






ParticipACTION Play List – What every child should do before the age of 12

Cute children flying a kite in nature.The first day of summer – and the longest day of the year – is almost here.  So, on June 21, ParticipACTION encourages families to clear their schedules, get outside and play on the Longest Day of Play. The ParticipACTION Play List includes 24 things every Canadian child should do before the age of 12: See the Play List