Blog: Hiking: No place is too far if you have time

Hiking in Hong Kong (Photo by Wendy Ho) This blog post was written by Wendy Ho and originally appeared on Land...

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Teen Challenge

Helps Canadian teens become more active.

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Walk or wheel your way to get to places.

When traveling distances under 1K, park the car, it's not that far!

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Easy Ways to Start

Join your local sport league to learn a new sport or master an old favourite.

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Play on your mobile

Check out our fun tips and ideas to get outdoors and start playing with your kids today! »

Government of Canada launches Build Our Kids' Success (BOKS) before school physical activity program

September 26, 2014

Government of Canada partners with BOKS, Reebok Canada Fitness Foundation, and the Canadian Football League to get kids more physi...

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Suffer from migraines? Surprising fitness tips that could soothe you

September 25, 2014

Some experts have claimed that migraines, searing headaches that can leave sufferers incapacitated, are linked in part to bad posture. Try t...

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10 Tips for Fall Fitness

September 24, 2014

Fall is a great time to harvest a new routine to re-energize your workout. Check out the tips in this article and get motivated! Andrea Wor...

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How do I get motivated to work out after work?

September 22, 2014

Check out some advice on how to actually get to the gym after work, including motivational and schecudling tips, goal-setting, and alternati...

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Top Tips for Trail Running Newbies

September 19, 2014

Fall is a perfect time for trail running. But remember, this isn’t like pavement. Before you head out, check out these expert tips to ...

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