ParticipACTION is dedicated to the advancement of the physical activity and sport sector in Canada and abroad by contributing to the generation of new research. Below is a collection of peer-reviewed publications by collaborating researchers and clinicians.


Promoting Physical Activity Among Children and Adolescents With Disabilities: The Translation of Policy to Practice Internationally

Authors Cindy Sit, Salomé Aubert, Catherine Carty, Diego Augusto Santos Silva, José Francisco López-Gil, Piritta Asunta, Yves Palad et al.
Journal 2022
Year 2022
Volume 19
Issue 11

Physical Activity as a Coping Strategy for Mental Health Due to the COVID-19 Virus: A Potential Disconnect Among Canadian Adults?

Authors Guy Faulkner, Ryan E. Rhodes, Leigh M. Vanderloo, Tala Chulak-Bozer, Norm O'Reilly, Leah Ferguson and John C. Spence
Journal Frontiers in Communication
Year 2020
Volume 5

Marketing Physical Activity? Exploring the Role of Brand Resonance in Health Promotion

Authors Alexander Lithopoulos, W. Douglas Evans, Guy Faulkner & Ryan E. Rhodes
Journal Journal of Health Communications
Year 2021