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  1. Add fun to your weekend with an adventure day!

    Ever been to the beach in -5 C weather? Newfoundlanders will probably say yes — that could be a typical day in July, depending on the year, as easily as it could be February or March. My family recently took a Sunday afternoon and went to the beach in snowsuits for…

  2. Seven ideas for unstructured, outdoor, family play

    You’ve likely had wistful flashbacks to the days when kids played unsupervised outdoors until called in for dinner, or you’ve noticed how structured sport programs have replaced neighbourhood pick-up games.

  3. 5 interesting ways physical activity can save you time every day

    Just 1 in 5 Canadians are active enough each week. Ask the other 4 why they don’t move more and they’ll likely all say the same thing—there’s not enough time. 

  4. Physical activity secrets of busy moms

    I have yet to meet a mom who feels like there are enough hours in the day to fit in everything she needs to do, including some active time for herself. With this in mind, I asked around to discover other moms’ go-to strategies for making physical activity part of their day.

  5. Why every child should walk or wheel to school every day

    Canadian children are less active than they should be – only 9% get the 60 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity they need each day.

  6. Seven physical activity resolutions just in time for autumn

    There are so many ways to be active while enjoying the fall season and all it has to offer.

  7. 35 family-friendly activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours

    It’s hard to think of new activities to do with your kids day after day. Some are too expensive. Others require a lot of direction, time, and equipment. If only there was a list of quick, fun, and easy activities for you too choose from.

  8. 5 sneaky reasons parents overestimate how active their kids are

    According to the latest research, only 9% of kids in Canada get enough physical activity, yet two thirds of parents believe they do.

  9. Benefits & Guidelines – Adults 18-64

    Benefits & Guidelines – Adults 18-64

  10. Benefits & Guidelines – Older Adults 65+

    Benefits & Guidelines – Older Adults 65+