Strengthen your texting game: workout emojis 101

Sometimes an emoji can say it all. With hundreds of options, variants, and seemingly endless combinations, emoji talk is nothing to scoff at – especially when the little screen-bound hieroglyphics do such a great job at expressing the complex feelings that words simply can’t.

While screen time certainly isn’t the best way to spend your day, it can have its moments – for example, as a means to planning out a day of physical activity! Just remember to put the phones down when it comes time to meet IRL

In celebration of the mighty emoji, here are a few times when they can be used for maximum effect in planning to get your blood pumping!

The Leg Day

Have you ever had to remind your gym buddy to meet up through a text message? Sometimes we all need a bit of a reminder to stick to our commitments – especially when leg day is on the line. Luckily, with an emoji game this fire you’ll be feeling the burn in your quads without a doubt. Catch you later - limping from the gym!

The Date Night

Ah, romance in the digital age – here’s a tip for screen-crossed lovers: you don’t need to play a game of tag on your mobile devices. Instead, think of your phones as tools to make real life plans. If you can, spend more time together – incorporate each other into your busy lives along with a dash of physical activity – and you’ll find your mobile device naturally de-emphasized. Hey, we never met a couple that didn’t like to break a sweat together. Winky-face emoji.

The Sports Outing

There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned argument – especially when you aren’t forced to own up and face the consequences (looking at you, YouTube comment section). However, unlike the mountain of pointless online arguments that pile up by the second, a well-timed discussion between peers can be fruitful – especially when that discussion revolves around which way to get active! Those friendly chats entail some real world stakes that we can get behind!


The Camping Trip

Parents know that there are few things as joyful as planning a family outing – well, maybe joyful isn’t quite the right word. But once you make it to your destination, it’s all worth it – right? Sometimes the best way to reach the kids is to meet them their turf – a family group chat can accomplish a lot, and also serve as a great way to bond with digitally connected family members. Just go easy on the memes, dad.

Of course, nothing beats a face-to-face interaction (there’s a reason the majority of emojis are based on your very own facial expressions!) but sometimes distance can strain our conversational abilities, and an errant text message can be misinterpreted. Sarcasm can be hard to translate, after all. But for all those messages that are best served with a side order of visual aid – we salute emojis!