How to encourage physical literacy with the 150 Play List

One of the best things about the 150 Play List is the variety.

There are so many ways to lead an active life. If you don’t enjoy one thing, there’s always another. And that’s important, because if you don’t enjoy being active, it’s hard to stick with it.

That’s also a big part of developing physical literacy.

What’s physical literacy?

In short, it’s about being confident, competent, and motivated to be active. It’s about knowing how to move and enjoying doing so. Just as we need to learn to read and write, we also need to learn how to move.

It may seem like something that should “just come naturally” but the truth is that moving your body is a skill, just like any other. You have to practice to get better. And not just one kind of movement, but all kinds of movement, in all kinds of environments. Variety is essential.

That’s why the 150 Play List is such a useful tool for encouraging physical literacy, both in children and in adults. The list contains all the different kinds of variety that are important to learning how to move, and also to finding activities that you enjoy.

Below you’ll find activities that fit into all the different physical literacy categories. Structured and unstructured. A variety of environments, fundamental skills, and building blocks.

Trying out activities in all the different categories is key to developing the movement skills necessary to be active for life.

Structured and Unstructured

structured and unstructured


kids need to be active in a variety of environments

Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental movement skills