This story of a Nana trying 150 new activities will inspire you

The 150 Play List has been in full swing for a little over 5 months now (if you have yet to sign up, there’s never a better time than now!) and some amazing stories from across Canada have started to emerge. When we read this story from a 58-year-old grandmother in Manitoba, we knew we had to share it—in fact, she’s so excited about her experience with the Play List that she asked us to!

“I am a 58-year-old nana to three wonderful grandchildren! I have type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so I have a few strikes against me. I was also obese. Last year I lost 40 lbs, did the couch potato to 5k running program, and ran my first 5k. But I needed motivation to move more and regain my stamina and muscle tone. Your 150 challenge was exactly what I needed!

Let me tell you how this has changed my life. Before I started I thought a plank was a piece of wood and that yoga and Pilates were for young, flexible people. Never would I have a basketball or lacrosse stick in my hands. And hopscotch at my age…you’re kidding me, right?

I first started off doing just a few activities. My expectations were low. I thought doing 25 activities would be it! Then I saw other people were doing 10 activities a day and I am competitive by nature so I thought that I should try to do as many as I could. I do want that car after all!

I joined the YMCA to help with this journey. At first, I thought I could never do 10 activities in one day but I found out I could do a variety of activities at the YMCA. I planned and modified the activities to suit my abilities as an older former couch potato!

Every activity has a story and so far, I have 64 stories and counting. Here are just a few:


While jogging the track at the Y, I watched the young lads shoot basketball hoops in the gym. I knew that basketball was an activity I should try but I was really scared and intimidated to go out on to the court. There were very few women on that court and definitely no nanas! I played intramural basketball in high school and loved it, but that was over 40+ years ago! It took me months to work up the courage to go down to the gym floor. One day, when I saw no one was there, I ran down and picked up a basketball. I was able to dribble the ball like I was 14 again! I aimed for the basket and I missed. I tried again and again and finally it went in!

Amazing feeling! I even got a cheer from the joggers on the track! Well, for an entire month, when no one was there, I would go down and shoot baskets. Never, ever would I have done that if it wasn’t for your challenge!

So, thanks to you! You gave an old lady a memory of her former glory and the confidence to try other activities!


I hit these activities on your website by accident. I knew I couldn’t fix this but only go forward and be inspired by it. Since I knew I wouldn’t have access to a wheelchair the only option was to sit down and participate to the best of my ability. So, I found a bench and sat down and dribbled. It wasn’t easy and I can only image how hard it is to try a sport in a wheelchair. My hats off to all those who participate in this sport!

When I hit the lacrosse Icon by accident, I wondered how am I going to play lacrosse? There are no nana teams out there that I know of. Again, this was a sport I tried as a teenager and loved it, but as a nana?

One day in Walmart I saw children’s lacrosse sticks. Eureka! I will get the grandchildren to play with me! The next time the grandkids came over we played lacrosse catch! Getting my grandchildren to participate in activities with me has been a big motivator!


Most grandparents provide their grandchildren with Easter baskets filled with goodies. This year in honour of the ParticipACTION 150 Play LIst, I gave the grandkids Easter frisbees filled with goodies.

Usually family holidays are hectic and busy with all work and no play. Not this year! Right after dessert, I herded the children and their frisbees down stairs into the park area and we played frisbee, tag, hopscotch, tug of war, and drew pictures on the sidewalks with our chalk.

Where did I get that stamina? Before I would be napping in the easy chair after supper! I think doing all those activities may have helped!


I have not won anything yet, but I just got the greatest gift of all. After 10 years of taking high blood pressure medication, my doctor took me off it three weeks ago as I was getting dizzy coming out of the pool after swimming. My blood pressure was so low it was making me dizzy. Goodbye medication! Now that’s a whoohooo!

Thanks ParticipACTION for the motivation to move more!”

Sent to us by Linda LeBlanc from Île-des-Chênes, Manitoba.

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