ParticipACTION 2.0: Examining the relaunch of ParticipACTION

In 2007, after 6-year gap in operation, “new” ParticipACTION was relaunched to provide leadership in collaboration and communications to supports Canadians to move more using social marketing, communications, and partnership strategy.

Through a series of in depth interviews, Dr. Faulkner aimed to gain a better understanding of opportunities and challenges that ParticipACTION was going to face in its efforts to affect the physical activity levels of Canadians.

Overall, results were very positive. Organizations envisioned and supported ParticipACTION performing an overarching social marketing role with the expectation of ParticipACTION filling in funding shortfalls in their marketing and educational activities. The other broader expectation was ParticipACTION taking on an advocacy role at the national level in engaging in activities to change rules of governments or other responsible organizations.

Since this article was published, ParticipACTION has shifted directions once again with their new strategic plan: Moving Forward. This new phase moves away from a specific focus on children and youth and aims to get Canadians of all ages to sit less and move more.

As highlighted by Dr. Faulkner, future research should evaluate if original expectations were met, and if there were significant deviations from ParticipACTION’s original goals and mission. This information can inform ParticipACTION’s organizational processes as they embark on their new strategic plan.


Title: Relaunching a National Social Marketing Campaign: Expectations and Challenges for the “New” ParticipACTION

Authors: Guy Faulkner, Cora McCloy, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Mark S. Tremblay

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