Marketing campaigns and media type

To achieve behaviour change, marketing campaigns must have effective social marketing and promotional strategies. But does the type of media impact how well the campaign resonates with people?

Dr. Deshpande, along with other members of the Research Advisory Network, aimed to evaluate campaign messages, delivered through different formats, to determine if they had different behavioral impacts.

Study participants looked at static (i.e,. pictures) and dynamic (i.e., video advertisements) of ParticipACTION campaigns. After viewing the assigned advertisement, they were asked to complete the questionnaires about campaign recall, ad liking, motivation to respond to the ad (i.e., assist one’s child to get at least 60 min of physical activity every day), and their support behaviors.

The results demonstrated that those exposed to the dynamic video version of the ad reported that they enjoyed watching the ads more than those who were exposed to the static image version of the ad. They were also more motivated to encourage their child to be more active.

Take home message: Dr. Deshpande’s work suggests the importance of selecting an appropriate media type for delivering a message to reach audiences in a social marketing campaign.

Title: Comparing the Influence of Dynamic and Static Versions of Media in Evaluating Physical- Activity-Promotion Ads

Authors: Sameer Deshpande, Tanya R. Berry, Guy E. J. Faulkner, Amy E. Latimer-Cheung, Ryan E. Rhodes, and Mark S. Tremblay

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