A whole-day approach to consider: the importance of considering all types of movement behaviours in a 24-hour period

Authors: Jean-Philippe Chaput, Valerie Carson, Casey E. Gray and Mark S. Tremblay

Summary: Currently, public health guidelines focus on one behaviour at a time (e.g., Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Children and Youth). Recently, guidelines have expanded to include recommendations on sedentary behaviour, but they have been positioned in a way that physical activity and sedentary behaviour are separate and distinct, so you have two ‘boxes to check’ for optimal health. However, recent evidence is suggesting that focusing on only one movement behaviour limits our potential for maximizing health benefits of other behaviours over the whole day, or 24-hour period. In order to address this limitation, experts in Canada are currently developing the world's first Integrated 24 Hour Movement Behaviour Guidelines for Children and Youth, including sleep, sedentary behaviour, light-intensity physical activity, moderate-intensity physical activity, and vigorous-intensity physical activity. It is hoped that this process will help advance an integrated healthy active living agenda that has the potential to significantly improve the overall health and well-being of children and youth.

Article on Movement Behaviours in a 24-hour period