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  1. Are young children inactive and sedentary?

    Physical activity guidelines for the early years (i.e, for those under 5 years old), recommend at least 180 minutes, or three hours of physical activity at any intensity per day.

  2. Strengthen your texting game: workout emojis 101

    Sometimes an emoji can say it all. With hundreds of options, variants, and seemingly endless combinations, emoji talk is nothing to scoff at – especially when the little screen-bound hieroglyphics do such a great job at expressing the complex feelings that words simply can’…

  3. Is Pokémon Go becoming the newest fitness craze?

    Unless you don’t use The Internet, you’ve probably heard of Pokémon Go. Even if it’s still not technically available in Canada yet—don’t worry it's coming—the app is predicted to surpass Twitter in number of downloads and overall users.

  4. Can “active” video games or exergames make your kids more active?

    When you become a parent, I think you magically develop certain super powers. Extra-sensitive hearing, for example. The ability to fit 10 days worth of kids clothes in an overnight bag. The reflexes to catch a tipped cup of juice before it hits the carpet.

  5. Global Comparisons

    Global Comparisons

  6. Zombies, aliens, and smart phones: the role of immersion in gamified fitness apps

    You’re out jogging when you hear the sickly groan of an undead creature. Your heart races and you quicken your pace. Your neighborhood is a post-apocalyptic wasteland with danger around every corner.

  7. Dear parents: please stop looking at your phone during your child’s activities

    If you ask any parent what is more important to them, their child or their smartphone, the answer would be automatic. We love our children so deeply that to even ask a question like that is ridiculous and laughable.

  8. Ditch the excuses about walking to school

    Has your family used any of the lines below to justify not walking to school? If so, challenge yourself to come up with a work-able, walk-able solution.

  9. Are we supposed to monitor every minute of our child’s day?

    As we learned in the 2016 Report Card, it’s time to sound the alarm on kids’ inactivity.  We are starting to understand that exercise is not just something kids do (

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