Nipissing Wild spring football team tries training at university level

The Nipissing Wild is a local football for players aged 16-19 years of age. This year approximately 40 players and 10 coaches began their indoor training sessions in late January.  These training sessions included chalkboard talks and indoor workouts.

The spring camp took place from mid-April until the season opener in mid-May.  The club’s games were played during the summer months of May, June and July and the team practiced 3 times per week.

The club’s home games were played in North Bay and the team travelled to Sudbury and various centres in Southern Ontario.

This year the players were offered a more enhanced experience that resembled football at the university level. 

Players workouts more resembled post secondary workouts which included on-field workouts, film sessions and chalkboard talks as well.

Players were provided with player packages that included some basic equipment and Nipissing Wild crested Under Armor clothing.  Pre and post game meals were provided with a review of nutritional requirements.  More importantly the club embarked on an ambitious multi-year program to purchase new state of the art helmets and shoulder pads as required.

Despite the team’s 1-7 record in 2016 there is reason for optimism in 2017.  The club’s positive image within the football community and the city at large (Pink Game and donation to breast cancer research) is evidence that our sponsors are solidly behind us and share our vision going forward.

A number of age eligible players have indicated their desire to join the club next year so we are excited to welcome this group of talented players in 2017.

We are grateful for Participaction’s donation which was used to purchase new helmets.