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Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee, or Ultimate for short, is a sport that involves two teams of seven throwing a disc back and forth up a field toward the end zone in order to score.


Ultimate has an interesting history as the original flying disc was actually a pie plate from the Frisbie Pie Company. In 1957, Wham-O toy company rolled out the plastic version of the flying disc. The sport of Ultimate was created in 1968 by Joel Silver, the Hollywood movie producer, at Columbia High School in Maplewood New Jersey, USA

Ultimate can be played on a playing field similar to a football field. Tossing a disc can be enjoyed in a park, on a beach, or in the backyard.

How to play
Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact, organized sport played by opposing teams of seven players each and is somewhat like football. The goal is to be the first team to score 15 points and there is no time-limit to the game. Frisbee golf can be played with many people and is similar to golf in that throwers try to navigate a series of ‘holes’ in consecutive order and the one with the least number of throws wins. As a variation, just grab a disc and one or more people and simply throw the disc back and forth. For more information visit Ultimate Canada.

Suggested equipment
- Frisbee(s)
- Comfortable clothing
- Cleats (for Ultimate)
- Pylons to mark Ultimate field
- Multi, different sized and weighted discs for Frisbee golf

Physical activity in Canada includes everyone, regardless of any ability or circumstance. Some sports and activities may, however, require a few adaptations to make them as accessible as possible. Below you’ll find recommendations and suggestions on how to accommodate individuals that may have limitations or different needs. With a positive attitude and a little ingenuity, any activity can be made enjoyable for all.


For individuals with visual impairments make sure to have a brightly coloured disc. There are several sizes and designs of discs. Choose one that will lead to success. Make the target larger and brightly coloured. Clearly define boundaries. Remove obstacles. Play in pairs. Use auditory cues.

Learning/Cognitive Disabilities

Recreational Frisbee has no rules so be creative. Maybe start with a larger softer disc and shorten the throwing distance. Instead of catching, possibly shoot towards a target to score points.

Mobility Limitation

Some suggestions to modify this activity are to use larger discs, shorten the distance to the target, use a larger target, and play in pairs. This activity can be done seated or standing and a variation can be played indoors or outdoors.


Benefits of Ultimate Frisbee

The Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines outline the amount and type of physical activity you need at every age and stage of life. And, for the first time, the new 24-hour Movement Guidelines for Children & Youth also include sleep. Following the guidelines will help reduce the risk of chronic disease, lead to a more focused mind, a stronger, fitter body, and all in all, a more enjoyable life.

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