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Sledge Hockey

Sledge hockey is a sport designed to allow participants with a disability to play ice hockey. Able bodied players can join in the fun as well.

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Sledge hockey was invented in Sweden in the 1960s. The sled was designed with two skate blades on a metal frame so that the puck could pass underneath.

Sledge hockey, like ice hockey, is played on a hockey rink or more casually on a frozen pond.

How to play
Basically all of the rules of ice hockey apply to sledge hockey – each team has five people and a goalie. Teams navigate the ice while sitting on sleds and use two sticks to propel themselves across the ice. The sticks have a curved blade similar to a hockey stick and metal teeth at the opposite end of the blade for steering and propulsion. Teams try to score on the opposing team’s net and the one with the most goals at the end of three periods wins. For more information visit Hockey Canada.

Suggested equipment
- Hockey sledges
- Helmet
- Hockey Gloves
- Sticks
- Additional protective equipment as required
- Warm clothing

Physical activity in Canada includes everyone, regardless of any ability or circumstance. Some sports and activities may, however, require a few adaptations to make them as accessible as possible. Below you’ll find recommendations and suggestions on how to accommodate individuals that may have limitations or different needs. With a positive attitude and a little ingenuity, any activity can be made enjoyable for all.


Sledge hockey is an amazing sport designed for individuals with mobility limitations and one that is fun for everyone.

To adapt the sport for individuals with a visual impairment, use an audible puck, and eliminate face offs, provide clear boundaries or play with a buddy.

Learning/Cognitive Disabilities

Make it positive! Break tasks down into manageable steps and use repetition to develop skills and promote success. To assist in providing a positive experience, consider using volleyball rather than a puck. Possibly eliminate the skill of sledging on ice and turn it into a fun game of floorball.

Mobility Limitation

Sledge hockey was developed for individuals with mobility limitations. It could however to modified further by moving the activity to a gymnasium and playing ball hockey. Consider using a larger ball for easier striking and adjust the playing area as needed.


Benefits of Sledge Hockey

The Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines outline the amount and type of physical activity you need at every age and stage of life. And, for the first time, the new 24-hour Movement Guidelines for Children & Youth also include sleep. Following the guidelines will help reduce the risk of chronic disease, lead to a more focused mind, a stronger, fitter body, and all in all, a more enjoyable life.

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