Bring activity right to your desk. Get Onyer Feets!

Lunchtime delivery services are taking over cities all across Canada, bringing hip and trendy food right to your desk. Convenient as they might be, they don’t help working Canadians who already rack up an average of 9.5 sedentary hours a day, most of which are spent at their desks or in their cars.

What’s next in lunchtime trends?  How about something that doesn’t require a smartphone or even a credit card: Onyer Feets, the “program” that gets you away from your desk and out into the world.

The Best Lunch Experience, Delivered to You (by you)

Canada’s newest lunchtime trend is revolutionary— it comes with a side of physical activity. Onyer Feets gets you the food you want faster than anyone else.  How does it work? Just open the door and walk outside.

Think about us this way: with Onyer Feets we’re going to revolutionize your lunch break by throwing back to old methods. We’re people who relish and believe in breaking up your day and stepping away from your desk. Activity feels good. And activity is good for you.

Onyer Feets delivers you back to your desk, refreshed and rejuvenated after an activity break. Your mind and body feel better and your work is sure to reflect it! Get up and move - the benefits are endless!

The break your body needs

With Onyer Feets, you have access to hundreds of the best spots in your city – many of which you can reach with a few minutes of brisk walking. Or make your way to a park or outdoor setting to grab a few minutes peace with a lunch you packed at home.

Onyer Feets makes this dream a reality. Sitting for too long has seriously negative affects on your health and well-being. Use your  head and use your feet.

The speed your body needs

Choose a nearby eatery and you’ll be eating in as little as 10 minutes. Have something specific in mind? Pull on your running shoes - you’ll get there faster and feel better.

Canadian adults are sedentary for an average of 9.5 hours a day. That level of inactivity is associated with increased risks of health issues, including obesity, type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cancer. Onyer Feets is the trendy new antidote to a sedentary lunch hour.


The service your body loves

Experience the sights and smells of food preparation as you work your stiff joints after a long morning of sitting. There’s no need to worry about additional costs. Pay however you want, you’re right there in the shop! 

Inside, you’ll find a perfectly curated menu, built to suit your tastes, because you curated it yourself, walking where you need to go.


  • We keep things local. We encourage you to get out of the office and explore the nearby neighbourhoods. Short repeatable trips keep your activity responsible and sustainable.


  • We’re all about variety. At Onyer Feets, we want you to keep your walks fresh and real. Put care into selecting and preparing your lunchtime voyages so that your body feels great.


  • Walking is sustainable, requires limited-to-no packaging, and we have a fleet of sidewalks all ready for your departure. Plus, regular activity during the workday sustains your health and wellness.

Onyer Feets application for placement in the app store was rejected, mostly because it’s “not real.” But don’t let that keep you from embodying the Onyer Feets ethos today by venturing out of your office for a midday walk. Your mind and body will thank you!