Sports you've never heard of are gaining popularity across Canada

Have you heard of underwater rugby?  Archery tag?  How about Quidditch?  Did you know that people across Canada are gathering on a regular basis to play these fantastic games?

These days, Canadians across the country are taking the best elements of traditional sport and combining them to form unique and unconventional ways to get active. Weird sports such as disc golf and dodgebow are gaining popularity.  If traditional sports aren’t for you – why not try a weird sport? Only 18 per cent of Canadian adults are meeting the physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity per week. 

The best way to get active, and stay active, is to do something you love. You never know, one of these weird sports might become your new favourite thing.

16 weird sports you can play across Canada:

  1. AquaMermaid – Just add a tail and you are good to go, Ariel.

  2. Bubble Madness – Think of yourself as the new and improved bubble boy/girl

  3. Disc Golf – When the slow speed of golf just won’t cut it, boost competitive spirit with this game.

  4. Underwater Rugby – Lower impact, but a great workout! Did you know a plastic ball filled with salt water is used to score a goal?

  5. Dodgebow – Just what it sounds like, but with soft arrows!

  6. Paddleboard yoga – Requiring some good balance skills, take your favourite yoga class and put it out on the water.

  7. Headlamp Trail Running – Lighting up the hike, at night!

  8. Roller Derby  Less ‘weird,’ better described as retro! Let the good times roll.

  9. Bicycle Polo – Palpable peddling, minus the posh.

  10. Axe Throwing Why should lumberjacks have all the fun?

  11. Archery Tag – For the urban Robin Hood in all of us.

  12. Underwater Hockey – Snorkel, shoot, swim & score.

  13. Table Hockey – Miniature size, massive fun.

  14. Quidditch – Why not try Harry Potter’s favourite sport minus the broomsticks?

  15. Unicycle Hockey – A balance between passion, performance & a peculiar pastime.

  16. Trampoline Dodgeball and Basketball Dunking – Become the bounce!