Why Canadians give 150% to everything they do

The 150 Play List is a challenge to the country to try as many Canadian activities as possible in 2017. Now, we understand that 150 is a lot of activities, even for physical activity nuts like ourselves.

We get that checking every activity off the list will require more than a little determination, consistency and perseverance. It might take giving more than 100%. Perhaps even 150%.

But we do think there’s good reason to believe that some Canadians will rise to the challenge. After all, giving 150% isn’t something that’s new to us. We have a rich history of giving more than our all, of not giving up, of somehow digging deeper than we thought possible. In fact, 12 prime examples spring to mind:


1. When we woke up in the morning to find our cars buried in 10 feet of snow during the last big snowstorm, we gave 150% to get it out and get to work on time, as if it was just another day.

2. When Laura Secord caught wind of a coming American attack in 1812, she gave 150% to deliver a warning, saving lives and possibly the outcome of the war.

3. When Justin Trudeau found out he looked good in selfies, he gave 150% to take as many as he could, without his shirt on whenever possible.

4. When indigenous people faced winter, they gave 150% to learn how to stay warm, to have enough food to last until spring, and to somehow live in harmony with such a harsh climate.

5. When Jon Malton of ParticipACTION saw snow on the ground just days ago, he gave 150% to keep riding his bike to work.

6. When Rick Hansen injured his spinal cord, he gave 150% to become a Canadian Paralympian and a champion for people living with disabilities everywhere.

7. When Keanu Reeves was presented with a choice between a red pill and a blue pill, he gave 150% to overcome his fear and dodge bullets.

8. When Tommy Douglas decided that every Canadian deserved a basic level of health care, he gave 150% to make sure they received it.

9. When the Canadian men’s hockey team couldn’t defeat the US in regulation time at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, they gave 150% in overtime to take home the gold for Canada.

10. When Drake started at the bottom, he gave 150% to get where he is today.

11. Nellie McClung and the Famous Five gave 150% so that Canadian women could vote.

12. Terry Fox gave 150% to run the equivalent of a marathon EVERY DAY to help find a cure.

And when Canadians are challenged by ParticipACTION to try 150 Canadian physical activities in 2017, we hope we will be able to say that they gave 150% to complete as many as they could.