The early bird gets more than the worm

Early morning exercise has many advantages including mental, physiological and social benefits and is a wonderful way to start your day. But, who are these people that drag themselves out of bed at early hours to move in ways they could never possibly be awake for?

These people seem to have it all figured out. Many of them, contrary to what you might believe, were not “morning people” to start with. They’ve committed themselves and trained their minds and bodies to exercise early, and have learned to love the benefits.

Mental benefits

We all agree that a workout can clear the mind and reduce stress, leading to increased mental focus and acuity. Starting the day with a clear and alert mind will increase your productivity. Who knows, you might solve that nagging problem right in the middle of your brisk walk or exercise class!

Physical benefits

Morning exercise jump starts your metabolism and keeps it elevated. This means you’re burning more calories throughout the day. Because exercise promotes endorphin release, which elevates your mood, it is a great, positive way to start the day. People who make a habit of exercising regularly are more often those who exercise in the morning. Consistency is key!

Social benefits of group exercise

Let’s face it. The thought of getting up early to move does not excite many people. But think of it as a secret club. You gotta join the club! Early morning exercisers who come together to get active are friendly, encouraging and they all know that they woke early to invest in themselves and their own health. It can be wonderful to meet a group of like-minded people. Late spring, summer and early fall are great times to take your workout outside and join a group exercise class. The birds are chirping, the sun is rising and the air is clean and crisp. Join the club, you’ll meet some really great people.

How to join the morning club

Be consistent. Get up at the same time MOST mornings. Even if you only workout three times a week, get up anyway and do something for yourself. This will shift your inner clock, making it easier to rise in the future. A consistent exercise program will also improve your quality of sleep. Put your clothes out the night before, set up the coffee maker and be organized. Join a group or find a buddy to be accountable to. As I said, it’s like joining a club.

Most importantly, don’t let your inner voice try to convince you to press snooze and stay in bed.

In other words, don’t think, just go!