Ten things to do on your day off

For most of us in Canada, another long weekend is upon us. With an extra day for fun, what will you get up to this weekend? The possibilities are endless!

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Plan a picnic by bike: Pick a park you’ve never been to, plan a lunch, and take a ride with a pal to the park. Need a tune-up first? Do it yourself. Tip! Bring a cute date and introduce them to the idea of swating.
  2. Go for a swim: Don’t live near an ocean, beach or lake? Look for a local community center with open/free swim hours. A cool swim sure helps to beat the heat.
  3. Visit a local farmer’s market: BUT get there on your own steam—walking, biking, rollerblading, whatever you decide, do it on your two feet. And, the reward of seasonal fruits and veg make for yummy healthy snacks!
  4. Walk your dog: If you don’t have a dog, consider volunteering at a local pet shelter. They might need a hand with dog walking, and you’ll have the chance to snuggle a few new pet friends!
  5. Having friends over for dinner: Why not get everyone dancing, or trying an active game like Twister or bocce ball?
  6. Two words—play time: Schedule in some free play time with your family at a local park or playground. If your kids are young this is easy, but if they’re a bit older, why not consider a game of pick-up (insert-sport-of-choice-here)?
  7. Do something you’ve never done before: Why not try that Zumba, cross-fit, kettlebell or Gravity class you’ve always wanted to try? There’s no better time for ‘me-time’ than a day off!
  8. Fruit/veggie picking: Why not find a local fruit or vegetable producer, we’re thinking strawberries, and go fruit-picking? You’ll have some beautiful produce to snack on at the end after your hard work!
  9. Prefer to stay indoors and need to clean your house? Turn up the radio, or put on your favourite jams and challenge yourself to a speed clean. Getting your heart rate up for 10 minutes counts.
  10. Take a long walk through your neighborhood: In the evening, the weather will have cooled slightly, and it can be a very relaxing way to end the day and get you ready for a good night’s sleep.

With a long weekend in mind, having fun is the main thing. If you’re having fun, you’re more likely to make some of these activities a habit! Have a GREAT day off!