Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start

For many people working out is exactly that – work!

Having a negative relationship with exercise can lead to a host of internal dialogues, typically convincing yourself why it’s OK to skip the workout today, as your personal wellbeing sinks further down the priority list like an anchor, holding you back from what you are capable of.

I know from over 28 years in the fitness industry that this happens to so many people. You are not alone.

But this spring, I challenge you to adopt a different way of thinking. A way that will leave you feeling empowered, hungry to move, determined to be strong, and fully invested in your long term health!

Here’s how: you know how you have the power to easily come up with excuses as to why you don’t need to work out? That is the exact power you can pull on to achieve your goals.

It’s simply known as the power of choice.

And what better time to make that choice than spring, when things are starting to grow around you?

The reality is, if you haven't been active in quite some time, or you are just starting to get back on track, those first steps—where you plant the seed so to speak—are truly a mental exercise in digging deep. But once that seed is planted it’s incredible what begins to naturally take shape.

Just as the world around us needs April showers in order to bring May flowers, the first step in changing your mindset involves acknowledging that we are all uncomfortable with trying new things. We may not particularly enjoy the rain but we understand the necessity of it to bring about luscious green forests and flowers.

Exercise is no different – we may be uncomfortable at the beginning but that uncomfortableness will eventually subside and lead to something beautiful. I invite you to change your mindset so that you see uncomfortable as an investment with a high return. So each time that voice of doubt comes into your head, acknowledge it. Then use it as an opportunity to trigger three important messages and say them out loud.

I am ABLE.


I have the potential to grow into something BEAUTIFUL.

When you change your mindset, you change your momentum and you realize your potential is limitless.

You’ve got this!

Coach Lav

Ps. Here are a few more of my favourite ‘triggers’ that I tell team training clients to say to themselves in times of doubt:

  • “Don’t let the things you cannot do, stop you from doing the things you CAN.” – John Wooden
  • “Get comfortable with uncomfortable.” – Popular saying with US Navy Seals
  • “Invest in the grind, your better you will find.” – This one is an original from yours truly
  •  “Workout today, like you are tomorrow’s success story!” – Another original here