Six outdoor activities that are perfect for fall

With the cooler temperatures and the back to school routine getting underway, it’s a perfect time to plan your fall activities! There are so many fun and (possibly) new ways to get active. 

Six ways to move during fall:

  1. Mountain biking: If you’re an avid road cyclist, or a newbie on the two wheels, mountain biking is a great way to get outdoors and explore trails within your city. Search out beginner rides if you want to learn about bike handling skills and tricks to tackle the trails, or join an existing group if you have the experience and already feel confident. And why not ask a friend to join you?
  1. Pumpkin patch-ing! You have likely noticed that the pumpkin flavors and scents are already out in full force. How about you take the family to the pumpkin patch for a full day of activity? Pick some pumpkins, go for a walk, take the kids through the corn maze, and rediscover the joy of being out in nature for a perfect fall day.
  1. Outdoor rock-climbing: Have you always wanted to try outdoor rock-climbing? Fall is one of the best seasons to discover this sport. There are many introductory courses to get you acquainted with the ropes! If you have prior experience climbing in an indoor facility, remember that outdoor climbing presents a whole new set of challenges, so come prepared to learn a few new things!
  1. Bake a pie (after picking your own apples!): Why not find an orchard and go apple picking? After spending a few hours reaching for and picking apples in the fresh air you will not only have delicious fruit, but also a full upper body workout!
  1. Make an outdoor campfire! Recruit friends and family to collect wood and build a campfire once the nights become cool. Do not forget to make s’mores!
  1. Participate in a cycling or running event: Fall weather lends itself very well to endurance pursuits – whether you want to participate in a charity bike ride, or achieve a new personal best time in your half-marathon race, racing in a fall event will keep you energized and motivated as you head into the winter season.

And so, rather than think that the fall season simply means a busy school and work routine, make sure to plan out fun activities for you and the family too. Dress appropriately (layers are key!), pick a new activity, and rediscover this amazing season.

Share your fall fitness activities with us! We love to see our readers being active!  Use the hashtag #thisishowwedofall or simply tag us @ParticipACTION. Here’s to fall!