Seven active dating ideas

To put it bluntly, coffee dates are boring and they need to be stopped. Think about it, you meet up with someone you barely know, and then drink something (usually at night) that’s known to increase nerves, jitters and anxiety. If things are going well you’re not going to stay for a second beverage, and if things are not going so-well, you go home as a nervous, sweaty mess without a hope of going to sleep any time soon.

So, I bring you sw-ating, aka sweat-dating. Say it with me, swayte-ing! Physical activity is known to decrease stress and anxiety AND give you a boost of feel-good endorphins. And it will help you sleep at night while you dream of your new-found love.

The criteria that put these beauties on my list were:

  • They’re pretty cheap
  • They can be done all year round
  • They require little, or no specialized skill
  • They will actually get you moving
  • They require little or no equipment

Here’s a list of our top seven-swating ideas (From least to most sweaty):

  1. Head to the driving range (or mini putt!) Golf is a great sport to get into, and unless you’re Tiger Woods, you likely need the practice. Thanks to virtual golf and indoor sports domes, it can be done at any time of the year. While it may not get your cardio up, I can guarantee you’ll feel your shoulders in the morning. Mini golf is also great because it involves as much pure luck in getting a hole-in-one as in real golf. Bonus is that both of these activities lead to free-flowing conversation (“Oh ya, I wasn’t trying to hit the ball there, it was just a practice swing!”)
  2. Go for a hike. Sweating will obviously depend on the intensity of hike you go on, but the equipment needed is straight-forward (running/outdoor shoes), it’s outside (yay nature!), and it’s free! Also, what’s more romantic than looking out at a view of your city?! Also, lots of time for chatting.
  3. Go rock climbing. A partner is required and what better way to build trust than to be each other’s life-line? Literally, don’t let go of the rope! It’s also not an experience you can find every day and you’ll feel super accomplished when you spider-man/woman yourself up to the top!
  4. Sign up for a mud run. Everyone loves getting dirty! But seriously, you’ll get to see each other “au naturelle”, and most of these runs require some teamwork to get through the obstacles. You will probably have to sign up in advance for this one.
  5. Try hot yoga. Yoga is great to de-stress, you’re guaranteed to get sweaty and you’ll find muscles you never knew you had. Call ahead – many studios will give you a deal on your first class. This won’t give you a ton of talking time in class, but will definitely create some conversation post-class.
  6. Bootcamp/kettlebells/crossfit class. With these high-intensity classes, you are guaranteed a workout! Like, really guaranteed to get sweaty! Also, you’ll likely feel the results for days so there will be good reason to keep the conversation going. 
  7. Spin class. There’s not much sport-specific skill required here, and you’ll have an instructor nearby to help you set up your bike and motivate you throughout the class. And again, you’re guaranteed to sweat! You can also grab bikes beside each other and chat on the “breaks.”

Have fun, and please share your best swating ideas!