Inspired by HONY, this is Active Humans of Canada

When the weather is good, our cities and towns come alive with all modes of transportation. Toronto, for example, is a great city to get active in. We wanted to take a pause from the urban hustle and bustle and showcase our own Active Humans of Canada, highlighting everyday people who are making the most of active transportation in the city.

It doesn’t matter if you bike, board, scooter, skate, chair, or walk – here’s to getting active and enjoying being outside!

The Strolling Tour of Toronto

Taylor and Erica

"We’ve been walking everywhere today. My friend is visiting from Vancouver. We’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine to enjoy some quality time together outdoors. It’s just been a really awesome day – walking together has been the perfect occasion to catch up. And the weather has provided a great opportunity to see the sights. Later today, we’re going to hit one of Toronto’s most well known landmarks – the CN Tower. Our plan is to walk across the CN Tower’s ‘glass floor’."

"Physical activity is very important – especially if you just ate. We actually just went out for lunch, so it’s a nice feeling to be able to sneak in a bit of exercise. It feels like we’re working off our lunch!"

Walking Lovable Canines


"I’m just out today taking the dogs for a walk around the Harbourfront. This area is beautiful; I love walking around Toronto for so many different reasons. There are all kinds of vibrant people, plenty of action throughout the city, and of course, the multiculturalism. Toronto is absolutely breathing, just full of life, waiting to be discovered. It’s such a beautiful city, and you will meet great and interesting people if you’re open to it. To summarize, I love just about everything. I love this city.

"Physical activity should have a more important role in people’s lives. That’s why I like to get active walking the dogs. It keeps me on my feet, and it’s an opportunity to go outside and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer – like the amazing weather today."

"My advice for anyone who isn’t enjoying the city to it’s fullest is to just get out there and take a walk every once in a while. Just do it. And no, I’m not a Nike commercial."

The City via Bike Share

Rique and Harry

"We are visiting Toronto from Los Angeles, California. We’re actually in town for business, and are just enjoying ourselves in the meantime by checking out the nooks and crannies of Toronto. We love cycling here; it’s a great and unique city with lots going on. Today we’re going nowhere in particular; we are simply enjoying all the city has to offer."

"Cycling around Toronto is really convenient; you don’t have to worry about all the hassles that come with driving like parking on busy streets, or dealing with congested traffic. And cycling has a leg up on walking because you are able to go faster. This is important for us because it has allowed us to see more of the city, simply because we are travelling more quickly – it just makes sense."

"If you are at all interested in exploring a new place, we’d recommend hopping on a bike and going for a cruise. Simply put – just get out there and do it. Grab a bike, and if you are new, don’t be afraid to start slowly."