Easy four-week summer challenge, fit for fun!

Get started on a path to a healthier life with the new ParticipACTION-approved summer challenge! Realistic and fun weekly challenges will help you incorporate physical activities and healthy behaviours into your daily schedule. We want to help you set practical goals and successfully complete the entire summer challenge.

So you say, “I’m in. Now what?”

It’s easy to start. Make the commitment, print the challenge and post it somewhere visible (fridges or mirrors are great).


Check off the days as you complete the challenge!

Make sure to share and let friends and family know. When you’re in a supportive environment you’re more likely to succeed! Plus, it’s more fun when friends sign on too. The order of the weeks can be re-arranged depending on your priorities and your environment. For instance, if you’re planning a week-long vacation away, focus on Week Four and adapt the ‘healthy at home’ challenge for your holiday.

Ready? Let’s go!