4 essential winter workout wardrobe tips

The days are colder, shorter, and it’s all too tempting to commit to hermit status. In some parts of Canada, it seems like you can experience all four seasons in a single day – which can make dressing for outdoor activity challenging, to say the least.

Don’t let the cold be a boundary from getting outdoors as the year’s brisker seasons takes hold; all you need is a reaffirmed commitment to moving more, a wardrobe rethink, and a dash of seasonal know-how to make the most of our crazy weather.

1. Layer up!

The best cold weather active outfits are layered. The layer closest to your body keeps you dry. Pay attention to fabric type; polyester is a clear winner, while cotton will hold sweat like a wet rag.

The second layer is for warmth; wool, fleece, or down will do the trick.

The third layer is your shield against the wind or water; whether that means a full-blown waterproof puffer jacket or a simple windbreaker depends on the forecast.

2. The seasonal handoff.

Keep your fingers and hands warm with a pair of gloves in the fall and waterproof mittens in the winter.

When it’s snowing, have a dry pair of mittens handy, and you may want to layer a lighter mitten within a heavier one.

3. Don’t lose your head.

Try out a toque that covers your ears to keep brain freeze at bay. If you don’t mind the bank heist look, you can’t beat a balaclava on colder days. Otherwise, a scarf works great for protecting the lower half of your face.

It’s important to wear sunscreen in the winter – although it’s cold outside, the sun can still do damage.

4. Better safe.

If you want to go the extra mile on cold, slippery nights then dress to grab attention. Plenty of outdoor jackets come standard with reflective elements that will keep drivers in the loop.

Dress in bright colours and consider traveling with a light. If balance is a concern, try a pair of shoe spikes or hiking poles to keep a good grasp of your footing.


  • An autumnal hike, bike ride or a game of road hockey is best enjoyed with an extra layer to keep the wind at bay. For fall jogs, consider wearing a pair of running tights under your shorts and long sleeve shirts.

  • The arrival of snow and ice heralds a host of new activities like skating, snowboarding, skiing, curling, tobogganing, and pond hockey. Just be sure to bundle up with the proper clothing and necessary equipment!

  • For kids, snow has the power to unlock a world of imagination; from snow angels, snow forts, and snowmen, the changing weather can signal the start of all new types of outdoor games and activities. Get creative with an activity from our Bring Back Play app at www.bringbackplay.ca.