3 ways walking faster can make your life better

If you saw me on the street, you’d assume I was late for a job interview. I blow past people every day, flying up stairs 2-by-2, walking fast and furious. I motor.

Of course, I wasn’t always this way, but once I learned the benefits of walking faster, I couldn’t go back. Benefits like:

1. Getting places faster.

This may seem obvious, but it’s a point most people overlook. If you walk twice as fast, you can get places in half the time.

When you’re talking about whether you can walk to where you need to go, this can make a huge difference. An hour-long walk is a whole thing, but thirty minutes? Totally doable. This can greatly expand the number of places you’re willing to walk and save you a ton of time on your daily commute.

2. Greater health benefits.

Walking at any speed is tremendous for your health. The more steps you can get in a day, the better. Walking is linked with decreased risk of many chronic diseases, better moods, more energy, and fewer aches and pains.

Yet what you may not know is that, generally speaking, the faster you walk, the greater the benefits. Your blood pressure lowers even further. Your risk of obesity goes down by that much more. Your ability to combat depression is that much greater. The exact numbers vary depending on the study, of course, but all the evidence points in the same direction – walking more briskly is better for you.  

3. Hopefully, a longer life.

One reason I’ve tried to up my walking speed is that I learned that your usual walking speed is actually a pretty good predictor of longevity. Older adults who typically walk quicker tend to outlive people who walk slower. For some reason, this fact has always stuck with me.

Whenever I think about slowing down, I remember the faster I walk, the quicker I get places, the better my health, and the longer my life.

Those are pretty big wins just for showing a little hustle out there.