21 things that make an activity super Canadian

What makes an activity Canadian? Is it what you wear? Is it how you play? The intensity? The people? The laughs?

It’s really hard to say, but we thought we’d take a stab at it anyway. Obviously no activity is going to fit all these criteria, but if it doesn’t fit any, how Canadian can it really be?

  1. You can play in plaid.
  2. You can play wearing a toque, mittens, boots and a scarf.
  3. You can play it while drinking a double double.
  4. You can play while drinking beer.
  5. But the loser buys the first round.
  6. You can get super competitive about it. Like. Way. Too. Competitive.
  7. Win, lose, or draw, you always say sorry.
  8. You can get wet, dirty, cold, or extremely sweaty while doing it.
  9. We play it differently in Canada.
  10. We spell it differently in Canada.
  11. It has many different names that no one can seem to agree on.
  12. You can play it in the Great Outdoors.
  13. It involves a lake (frozen, or melted, we don’t discriminate)
  14. You can play on ice.
  15. There’s a snow version.
  16. You can play a pick-up version (no rules, no problem).
  17. If there are rules, you learned them from a heritage commercial, or possibly a Hudson Bay commercial.
  18. Everyone can play
  19. No really, you can bring your dog, neighbour, best friend, or a random person you just met on the street and everyone will be excited about it.
  20. When a Mountie asks to play with you, you always say yes.
  21. It’s so fun you forget what time it is.


Pretty good list, eh?

If you have an activity or sport you really love, tell us why you believe that it’s Canadian and deserves to be on the ParticipACTION 150 Play List.

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