10 things you didn’t know about our spokesperson Sara

Before the 150 Play List officially launches in January and Sara starts tackling all the Canadian activities, we thought it might be good to sit down and get to know her a little better.

So we asked the 10 most burning questions we could come up with and pressed her for answers.

Here’s what she had to say: 

1. Why do you look familiar?

I’m a comedian! A lot of people recognize me from that show Video On Trial that used to air on Much Music.

2. What are the 3 most interesting things about you that people should know?

  • I’ve been doing stand-up comedy since high school
  • I’ve taped three TV spots at Just For Laughs in MTL
  • I have an album called Trouble In Saradise

3. Have you always been an active person? What role would you say activity has played in your life growing up?

I’ve always been casually active. Not really sporty-active. Like, I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, riding my bike, dancing, swimming, and running around with my friends! Like most people I feel a lot better when I’m active.

4. How do you get your 150 minutes of heart-pumping activity each week? Yoga? Spin? What are you into?

I ride my bike around the city, take the odd yoga class, and sometimes I’ll join in a bootcamp class to really get moving!

5. What’s your favourite sport or activity and why?

My favourite activity is biking! I feel very happy and comfortable biking, and it’s a great way to get from A to B!

6. Do you follow any sports? What’s your favourite activity-related thing to watch on TV?

My favourite activity-related thing to watch on TV is Survivor, dance shows, and most of all, Ru Paul’s Drag Race - those queens lip-syncing for their life in heels is a true workout!

7. Are you excited to complete all 150 activities? Are you scared? How do you feel about the whole thing?

I am so excited to do the whole Participaction 150 Play List! I am completely out of my comfort zone for a lot of the activities, so I know we’ll all have a blast and a good laugh!

8. What activities are you potentially looking forward to trying? Are you dreading any?

I’m excited to axe-throw, curl, and also learn how to skate again! I haven’t been since I was a kid and I want my shot at feeling graceful on a sheet of ice. I mean, who doesn’t?

9. How do you get psyched up before trying something new? Any tips for overcoming fear?

I usually yell ‘Here we go!’ That helps. Also, it’s nice to try new things with a pal so you can have some extra support. Or I’ll also just beg an expert to help me and please don’t make me look bad.

10. Where did you learn to shimmy your shoulders just so? Did you take a class? Did you have a shoulder-shimmying coach? Do you coach classes yourself now that you’re an expert shoulder-shimmier? If so, where can we sign up?

First of all, thank you for noticing. I think it’s just a little something I’ve developed over the years to keep my energy up and hopefully keep people interested.