10 amazing things about physical activity everyone should believe

We’ve all heard that perception is reality. What we believe is really powerful for two main reasons.

The first is that our beliefs guide our actions. Children leave milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve because they believe Santa is real. Adults somehow bring themselves to eat kale because they believe it’s good for them. Smarter adults eat Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerry’s ice cream because they believe it’s delicious.

We vote based on our political beliefs, pray depending on what or who we believe in, and listen to music we believe sounds good. Our beliefs shape what we do and how often we do it.

The second reason is that our beliefs can actually create realities! The power of expectation can actually allow you to bend reality. The most well-known example is the placebo effect. Simply believing you’re taking medication can give sugar pills healing powers. What is expected, or what we believe, can actually shape what happens. Believing you’re a good public speaker can make you a better one.  

What this has to do with physical activity

Recent research has shown that the same thing applies to believing in physical activity. It turns out that believing that physical activity is good for you actually makes it even better for you!

A recent paper in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine shows that people who believe in the benefits of exercise report having more fun, better moods, and greater reductions in anxiety. While other outcomes, like a decrease in blood pressure, were not amplified by belief, the main takeaway was that believing in the power of physical activity can make it more powerful in some ways—especially when it comes to the mental effects. 

10 amazing things about physical activity everyone should believe

With the power of beliefs in mind, it just makes sense to believe in physical activity. Regular activity has tonnes of health benefits, but if you really believe in its power to change your life, it just might.

Here are ten positive effects of being active that you should believe in:

1. Physical activity can boost your mood.

2. Physical activity can give you energy.

3. Physical activity can reduce anxiety.

4. Physical activity can clear your mind.

5. Physical activity can make you more confident.

6. Physical activity can make you more productive.

7. Physical activity can make you more outgoing.

8. Physical activity can make you more courageous.

9. Physical activity can make you more intelligent.

10. Physical activity can make your life go better.

Believe in physical activity and you’ll be more likely to make it a habit. And in time, the habit will prove more beneficial than you could ever believe.