11 great examples of risky play

Risky play is defined as thrilling and exciting play that can include the possibility of physical injury. Types of risky play might include play at height, speed, near possible dangerous elements or tools, rough-and-tumble play, or play where there is the potential for disappearing or getting lost. With the right balance, risky play can help your child develop improved motor skills, social behaviour, independence and conflict resolution skills.

All of the ideas below have an element of risk, but depending on your child’s age and ability–all are great opportunities for fun, heart-pumping physical activity!

11 examples of risky play:

  1. Tug-of-war with friends!
  2. Play desert island. Pretend the ground can’t be touched and jump from island to island, or rock to rock.
  3. Wrestling over a ball is a great way to get hearts pumping!
  4. Practice your biggest bounce on a trampoline!
  5. Horse play! (No equipment needed!)
  6. A family sack race.
  7. Strap in safely, and belay up a rock face, or climbing gym.
  8. Use the playground, creatively!
  9. Try skateboarding or rollerblading, with a helmet of course!
  10. Take a big leap from a swing.
  11. Climb a tree! It never gets old.