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Step it, track it, achieve it

Many of us living in Canada are facing a conundrum. According to the 2021 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Adults, 79 percent of us say we want to be more active. But it can be a challenge to get moving and motivated with busy schedules and competing priorities. Integrating more steps into your daily routine is one simple and surefire way to get moving. Moreover, research suggests that tracking those steps can give us an extra edge when we want to establish a more active lifestyle.

Young,Asian,Woman,Track,And,Field,Athlete,RunningStep with purpose

Tracking our steps is simple, straightforward and effective. It’s in our nature to feel inspired by progress that we can measure. Tracking our steps sparks that extra ‘umph’ that comes when we tune into our competitive sides – whether we compare step counts with friends and family or simply monitor our own personal bests. And we don’t need a complex tool to do it. Research suggests that if it tallies your steps, it will boost the odds that you will move more. One study found that using a step counter increased movement in inactive people by about 2,500 steps a day!

You can track your steps with a free smart phone-based app, a simple pedometer or a wearable device. Add another powerful tool to your physical activity toolkit and link your device or step-tracking app with the ParticipACTION app. Follow the simple steps in this video to synchronize your quest for more steps with your goal to gain active minutes, streamlining your pursuits and adding extra motivation.

Senior,Couple,Walking,With,Pet,Bulldog,In,Countryside Step away from sedentary habits

Tracking how much we move can also help us tune into how often we are sedentary. According to the 2021 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Adults, more than half of us say that our time spent sedentary and on screens has spiked. On days when that step count seems stuck, get creative – blast your favourite playlist and bust a move, get outside and active with friends. You may find that scrolling and streaming are a little less enticing when compared to this newfound fun and soaring step count.

Happy,Sportsman,In,Earphones,Using,Mobile,Phone,While,Sitting,OnStep up your confidence

The satisfaction of reaching, or even exceeding, your step count goal just feels good.  When we feel more fit, our confidence levels soar. So, when you take up this tracking technique don’t be surprised if you discover a little extra swagger in those thousands of steps you’re taking!

Step It Up to Spring – April 1-15, 2022!

Now that spring has sprung, why not embrace its long-awaited arrival and milder weather by getting outside and walking, running or wheeling? These simple ways to get active will boost your mood to add a spring in your step!

To help you reap this benefit and more, join our latest challenge, Step It Up to Spring, from April 1-15 by tracking your steps in the free ParticipACTION app individually or as a team for a chance to win great prizes!

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