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Routine Kickstarter Workout

With September here and fall fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start or get back into an active routine. Kickstart it with this quick and easy interval workout that can be done in a time crunch and without exercise equipment.

The warm-up

To warm up, practice each of the exercises (five times each) in a slow and controlled manner. Pay special attention to your form and don’t break between exercises to help build intensity. The warm-up should take two to three minutes.

The workout

Each day perform each exercise as many times as you can while maintaining good form. Increase to the next level when you can complete the workout with relative ease. Try for seven days in a row!

The moves

You can perform these exercises at three levels. If, at any time, you feel breathless between any sets, feel free to take longer rests between exercises.

  • New to exercise: 20-second intervals, 10-second rests
  • Confident exerciser: 45-second intervals, 20-second rests
  • Exercise pro: 60-second intervals, 30-second rests

High Knees PAC instructions icon

High Knees

Stand in place with your feet hip-width apart. Drive your right knee toward your chest and quickly place it back on the ground. Now do the same with your left knee. Continue by alternating as quickly as you can.




Push Up PAC instruction icon

Push Up

Lie on your stomach with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bring your hands directly under your shoulders. Keeping your back straight and core tight, push your bodyweight up on your knees until your elbows are extended (but not locked). Now, slowly lower yourself back to the ground. Then, return to your starting position and repeat.




Step Up PAC instruction icon Step Up

Facing a set of stairs or a low and sturdy bench, step up with your right foot, then lift your left knee up to a standing position. Step back down and alternate, stepping with your left foot next. Focus on bracing your core throughout.





Chair Squat PAC instruction Icon

Chair Squat

From a standing position, lower your glutes down towards a chair with control. Let your glutes lightly touch the seat of the chair, then push through your heels to stand back up.




Plank PAC instruction Icon


Begin by lying on your stomach with your feet shoulder-width apart and forearms placed on the ground. Ensure that your elbows are directly under your shoulders, keeping your head in a neutral position. Next, draw in your abs toward your spine and contract your glutes. From this position, lift your torso off the floor from your knees, keeping your back straight. Hold this position for 20, 45 or 60 seconds.




Glute PAC instruction Icon

Glute Bridge

Lie face up with your knees bent, hip-distance apart, and feet flat on the floor. Keeping your arms at your side with your palms down, contract your glutes. Lift your hips off the floor until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line, then slowly lower your body down. Repeat.

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