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Outdoor Family Fun Workout

With summer finally here and the kids out of school, it’s a perfect time to get active outdoors as a family. Looking for a quick and simple way to do this? Try this kid-friendly, equipment-free, total body workout that you can do at your local park or in your backyard. 

The warm-up

To warm up, walk or lightly jog on the spot or around the park or yard for two minutes. Be sure to swing your arms to get your upper body warm as well.

The workout

Perform the five exercises below as quickly as possible and do one to two cycles, moving at a comfortable pace from one exercise to the next.

The moves

You can perform these exercises at three levels:

  • New to exercise: 30-second intervals, 10 seconds’ rest
  • Confident exerciser: 45-second intervals, 15 seconds’ rest
  • Exercise pro: 60-second intervals, 30 seconds’ rest

Shadow Skipping

Imagine you’re holding a jump rope in your hands and turn your wrists as you jump up off two feet, like you’re turning a rope and jumping over it.

Bear Crawls

Crouch down with your hands slightly forward and shoulder-width apart, knees off the floor and tucked under, keeping the weight in your toes. Move your crawl forward four steps, opposite arm to leg, then do the same crawling back. Have fun with this and try bear crawling around the park or yard!


Using a step, or simply on the ground, step forward or up with one leg while squeezing the other leg back and up. Keep your hands at your side or use a chair for balance. Stand behind a chair for extra support and alternate lifting one leg back.

Duck Walk

Stand with your feet wide and toes turned slightly out, then lower yourself into a deep squat, keeping your head held high, eyes in front and knees open wide. Walk around the room, rolling through your foot, heel to toe, imitating the movements of a duck. Keep your hands in front of your body for balance, or up by your ears for a challenge!

Star Jumps

Start off in a crouched position, knees and feet close, and your arms by your side. From this position, jump up off the ground, extending your arms and legs out like a star, then land softly back into your crouch.

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